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Randox are delighted to announce the recent publication of a scientific paper ‘Design and selection of anti-PD-L1 single domain antibody and tumor necrosis factor superfamily ligands for an optimal vectorization in an oncolytic virus.’ The scientific paper showcases the innovative collaboration between Transgene and Randox in the field of bioengineering.


Claire Huguet, PhD (Randox, Head of Biomarker Sciences), introduces the paper.


“Transgene and Randox Laboratories Ltd entered into a scientific collaboration several years ago, with the aim of joining their competences to deliver a novel therapeutic approach to oncology therapies. With Transgene being a world leader in the field of oncolytic viruses and Randox being recognised for its capabilities in targeted antibody discovery, it was a natural synergistic move for Randox to generate a unique, fully blocking PDL-1 sdAb for Transgene to include as a payload in their oncolytic virus vector.

The following research paper, just published in Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, summarizes the properties of the vectorized construct, which together with additional payloads, constitutes a promising approach to the development of potent anticancer immunomodulating therapies.”

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