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Veterinary Diagnostic Solutions

Veterinary Diagnostic Solutions

Comprehensive Clinical Packages for Veterinary Laboratories

Benefits of the Randox Veterinary Diagnostic Solutions

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Validated for use

The Randox veterinary diagnostic solutions are scientifically proven and validated for use with a diverse range of animal species.

Complete Solutions

Complete Solutions

Encompassing diagnostic reagents, internal & external quality control, and the RX series of clinical chemistry analysers.

Applications Available

Applications Available

Applications available detailing instrument-specific settings for the convenient use of the Randox veterinary reagents on a variety range of clinical chemistry analysers.


Analysers for all laboratories

With a range of semi-automated and automated analysers, the RX series offers versatility to suit the needs of all laboratory requirements.

Small sample volume

Small Sample Volume

Veterinary testing is one of Randox’s specialities and the RX series caters for smaller animals where samples can be harder to obtain with volumes ranging from 0.5 – 5μl.

Superior Performance

Superior Performance & Unique Tests

A range of superior performance & unique tests, offering veterinary laboratories choice, quality and innovation.

With almost 40 years’ experience in veterinary diagnostics – we can help!

  • Clinical Chemistry Analysers

    Offering the world’s largest veterinary test menu, the RX series provides laboratories with maximum analyser up-time combined with precise, reliable and accurate results. With a diverse range of versatile semi-automated and fully automated analysers, the RX series suits the needs of all laboratory sizes with unrivalled correlation to gold-standard methodologies.

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  • Diagnostic Reagents

    Offering an extensive veterinary test menu, encompassing 48 open channel diagnostic assays which are internationally recognised as being of the highest quality, producing accurate and precise results. All our assays are validated against gold-standard methods, offering low CV’s and excellent precision giving you the confidence that you are sending out the correct patient results.

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  • Internal Quality Control

    As one of the largest manufacturers of true third party quality control solutions, Randox produce high quality materials that can help streamline laboratory procedures whilst saving time and money. With over 390 parameters available in our Acusera Internal Quality Control range, choice and flexibility is guaranteed. You can rely on Randox to deliver trustworthy results time and time again.

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  • External Quality Assessment

    Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme (RIQAS) is the world’s largest external quality assessment (EQA) scheme. Currently offering 33 programmes, RIQAS has more than 45,000 laboratory participants in over 130 countries. Delivering a comprehensive yet cost effective EQA solution, RIQAS will help meet regulatory requirements and increase confidence in test system accuracy.

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Diagnostic Veterinary Reagents

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