Secretary of State visit to Randox Science Park

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The Rt Hon Chris Heaton-Harris, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland paid a visit to Randox Science Park on Thursday, October 19th, to discuss Randox capabilities and undertake a tour of the facilities at the Antrim site.

As leading diagnostic company from the UK & Ireland, Randox have spent over forty years improving healthcare,  with a focus on the provision of timely and accurate  testing both to improve clinical diagnosis and promote preventative healthcare.

The purpose-built facilities at the site, covering research and development, engineering, manufacturing and accredited laboratories provides an unparalleled depth of diagnostic capability with a single site.

More than 5% of the world’s population (over 400 million people) receive medical diagnosis using Randox products each year.

Randox’s proprietary Biochip Technology is the result of a £350 million investment, allowing many tests to be run simultaneously, greatly improving the diagnostic power available to clinicians. This innovative technology allowed the provision of advanced health  profiling to support both early diagnosis and the transition to preventative healthcare.

Randox Science Park is a central hub of Randox’s life science manufacturing, engineering and research and development. Randox employ over 2,200 staff, including 800 research scientists and

engineers – all focused on improving life science diagnostic capabilities globally.

Randox Science Park is one of four key manufacturing and development sites, with others located in Dungloe, County Donegal; Bangalore, India; and the Greater Washington DC area, USA. Across the UK & Ireland there is also a growing network of Randox Health Clinics.