Randox Statement following ‘The One Show’ Broadcast of 28th July 2021

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Randox Statement following ‘The One Show’ Broadcast of 28th July 2021

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Randox Statement following ‘The One Show’ Broadcast of 28th July

Randox Laboratories completely refute the general portrayal of our services as shown on ‘The One Show’, broadcast on 28th July 2021.  The cases shown are not indicative or representative of the services provided. Randox have been active within the diagnostics / testing industry for almost 40 years.

Randox Laboratories run the largest Covid-19 PCR testing laboratories in Europe and since the start of the pandemic have tested and reported over 15 million samples.  Within our operations we are fully committed to the provision of PCR testing to support international travel and fully recognise the importance of such travel, and of traveling safely.

Randox are also committed to operational efficiency and to processes of continuous improvement.  This commitment is borne out by the fact that, over an extended period, 99.9% of international travel samples received in our laboratories have been reported within 24 hours.

We understand that there are certain elements of the process that are not fully within any national testing providers’ control, particularly in the area of logistics.   As a result Randox have established a branded nationwide drop box system that returns samples direct to our laboratories 7 days a week, in which we have full confidence.  Other providers, which customers may elect to use, may have a less comprehensive service.

Testing providers’ customer support services also have to deal with enormous peaks and troughs of demand, largely as a result of changes to Government travel policy to which no forewarning is provided. The requirements placed upon the general public, regarding testing for international travel, also add significant demands for information. Randox understands the frustration that potential customers may experience, common to all testing providers, and are addressing this through improved website design, use of social media, redeployment of staff and additional recruitment to our Call Centre.

Randox have great experience in the provision of PCR testing to support international travel,  a proven record of success in reporting high volumes of samples in a timely manner, and continually seek to improve the customer experience.   Randox has every confidence in its services.

The full statement provided to BBC Watchdog

A spokesperson for Randox said: “We take our responsibilities towards our customers extremely seriously, and recognise the crucial role we play in ensuring that international travel can take place safely.  Randox are processing high volumes of COVID-19 tests to support such travel with 99.9% of private sample results, from January – June 2021, returned within 24 hours of receipt into our laboratory. Our stated aim is to provide next day results for clients who use Randox drop boxes, and within 12-24 hours of receipt of the sample at our laboratory for other courier services. We have investigated the cases which have been brought to our attention, and have been in communication with the customers.

“We are duty bound to follow government guidance in relation to travel. We are not provided with forewarning on changes to existing guidance and, therefore, we aim to be as flexible as possible and adjust our operations in a timely manner in what are often rapidly changing circumstances.  We are deploying more dedicated resources at our call centre to help address the unprecedented and growing demand for our testing services.”

Press enquiries should be emailed to randox@newcenturymedia.co.uk 

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