University Students Reaching Dizzy Heights at Randox

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University Students Reaching Dizzy Heights at Randox

Randox recently celebrated the contributions of its placement students at the annual Randox Pinnacle Placement Awards.

At Randox we work closely with a number of universities throughout the UK to support the professional and personal development of students, by providing work placements in our world-leading Engineering, Science and Business departments.

Students, past and present, have come from far and wide to work at Randox – from universities such as Queen’s University, Ulster University, St Andrew’s, Strathclyde, Imperial College London and University of Brighton.

This year, at the 2016 Randox Pinnacle Placement Awards, the top three students within each discipline have been rewarded for their outstanding contributions and this week were presented with certificates of merit and prizes to mark their achievements.

Receiving special recognition for his work was 21 year old Dean McGonagle from Limavady.  The Aerospace Engineering student from Queen’s University, was awarded the Best Overall Placement Student, for his valued contributions to Randox.

Dean redesigned the Biochip storage module on Randox Evolution machines, and the changes he made are now being implemented into production analyser machines across the company.

Receiving his award Dean McGonagle said:

“I have really enjoyed seeing my designs actually being used within the Evolution analysers and how that is having a positive impact on the business. A particular highlight of my placement year was getting to travel to England to observe the shipping crate I had designed for the Evolution undergo environmental and distribution testing. I have really enjoyed my time at Randox, I’ve been involved in many different projects and have received lots of help and guidance from the great engineering team here.”

Congratulating Dean and his fellow placement students, Linda Magee, Head of Human Resources at Randox said:

“At Randox we are great advocates of a placement during a student’s time in education.  In a company such as Randox, with operations on a global scale, the student is provided with some very valuable work experience in their discipline.  It’s not just the student who benefits – we have the pleasure of working with a dynamic generation of students who bring with them extremely fresh and forward-thinking ideas.”

The top students in the Randox Pinnacle Placement Awards were:


  • Dean McGonagle, Queen’s University Aerospace Engineering – Mechanical Design Team at Randox
  • Jordan Thomson, Ulster University Computer Science – Software Team at Randox
  • Marc McKee, Queen’s University Mechanical Engineering – Mechanical Design Team at Randox


  • Christopher McNally, Ulster University Biomedical Science – Immunoassay Development Team at Randox
  • William Heasley, Ulster University Biomedical Science – Biochip Customer Unit Team with Philip Holmes
  • Kathryn Watt, St Andrew’s University Medicinal Chemistry – Synthetic Chemistry Team at Randox


  • Meghan Semple, Ulster University Marketing – RX Marketing Team at Randox
  • Fearghal Savage, Ulster University Information Technologies – IT Enterprise Support Team
  • Michael Boyle, Ulster University Interactive Multimedia Design – Graphic Design Team at Randox


The incoming 2016-17 academic year marks the highest intake of placement students for Randox, with over 70 students starting in the company over the next few months. Anyone interested in applying for the 2017-18 scheme should email