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We Are Randox US Team Celebrating Rajneesh Mathur's Award

Recognised by Randox for his efforts, Rajneesh Mathur has been the recipient of multiple awards. And this year, his actions reflected the true team-spirit of Randox’s US team. Here’s his story…

With a workforce of over 1,400 employees, and careers spanning 145 countries, Randox teams from all across the globe benefit from a strong support network of colleagues who work together to realise our vision of saving and improving lives. In recent months, we believe one employee has illustrated this value perfectly. This employee is Director of Business Development for Randox USA, Rajneesh Mathur.

Rajneesh is a truly inspirational leader, frequently being recognised for his professional abilities within the Randox team. Earlier this year, Randox awarded Rajneesh with the ‘Exceptional Achievements Award’, for his hard work and impressive selling prowess in the US market. Later in the year, he was awarded again in recognition for his ‘Special Endeavours and Loyalty’ to Randox; an award which also included a generous bonus.

However, Randox could never have anticipated the kindness of what Rajneesh did next. In an outstanding gesture of team spirit, Rajneesh volunteered to fund a mini-break for employees of the Randox USA team in West Virginia. He wanted to acknowledge that his success relies upon the commitment of the USA Office Staff who support his endeavours, and to highlight that without a supportive team, even the greatest of leaders cannot achieve great things.

We wanted to know a little more about Rajneesh’s story, so we sat down to talk about the successes of the US team. He commented: 

“Our success in the US market this year has truly been a team effort.  Without a strong support team in place, the Sales Staff would not be able to do their job, and so I wanted to make a token gesture that highlighted our cohesion and support for one another. Success for one person in our team, is success for all of us. Recognition of everyone’s hard work helps strengthen our bond and commitment to Randox.”

During their outing, Rajneesh and the other members of the Randox USA team attended the Charlestown Races on Saturday 23rd July, funded by Rajneesh’s altruism. All the staff members then stayed at Hampton Inn and Suites Hilton, and each of the US team was even able to bring a friend or family member to stay!

Rajneesh continued to tell us about the celebratory events the Randox USA team enjoyed together;

“We decided to continue with the Randox Health Grand National theme by going to the Charlestown Races. We had an epic buffet dinner, and then enjoyed the horse races. It was a good opportunity to mingle in a relaxed setting and get to know each other better.  We all enjoyed a wonderful evening and it was fantastic to be able to celebrate our success together. Randox is such a fantastic place to work – there is such a great sense of comradery. It was great to be able to recognize that.”

Rajneesh was given yet another award following this act of kindness. Instead of for his brilliant sales and business skills, this time he was recognised for his display of generosity. Rajneesh was awarded the ‘Special Recognition Award’ at our Global Sales Conference, which took place in the Hilton Hotel, Templepatrick, earlier this month, making this event a truly celebratory time as he joined Randox in celebrating £1 billion in sales!

Thank you, Rajneesh, for truly showing the meaning of the word “teamwork”! We feel incredibly lucky to have team members like you on board!


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Randox USA team
Pictured left to right: Rajneesh Mathur, Douglas Bramblett, Denise Anderson, Kaela Kalkhoff, Caitlyn DeLashmutt, Patti Maxwell, Erin Thompson, Shawn Franklin, Cheryl O’Hagan.