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Laura Cummings

11 February 2021

We Are Randox | How Laura became a COVID-19 Laboratory Manager

Randox is a key partner laboratory in the UK Government’s COVID-19 Testing Programme.

For an idea of what it’s like to be part of the COVID-19 testing programme at Randox, we spoke to Laboratory Manager Laura Cummings.

Laura spoke to us about what a typical day in our laboratories looks like, the career path she took to her current role, and how it feels to be making a difference in the global fight against COVID-19.

Name: Laura Cummings

Job Title: Laboratory Manager

Department: COVID-19 Laboratories

Can you describe a typical working day in the Randox COVID labs?

As the UK and Ireland’s largest COVID testing facility, Randox is critical to the national response to the pandemic. We run up to 120,000 daily tests for the UK Government’s National Testing Programme so the timely release of accurate and reliable results is key. We have a big focus on quality and are always looking for ways to improve our policies and processes. We have, for example, introduced a range of innovative robotic systems which automate the unpacking and racking of samples before they get tested by our scientists.  All this takes very active management.

What are the main duties of your role?

Our staff work 24|7 and my role as a Laboratory Manager is to make sure that they have everything they need to do their job. I ensure that the lab runs smoothly, provide solutions for any issues that may arise, and monitor the performance of the testing process.

What has been your educational route to this post? 

I studied Biological Sciences at Queen’s University Belfast and then worked in England for a few years, in an organic chemistry lab. I was really fortunate to be able to move back home, and find a job not just in my field of science, but in a company that has made such an impact in the fight against coronavirus. I’m very grateful that the team at Randox have recognised my skills and achievements and given me valuable opportunities for career progression, including my recent promotion to Manager of one of the COVID labs.

How does your work as a COVID Laboratory Manager make the world a better place?

I’m proud to be directly involved in COVID testing, which plays such a vital role in the effort to contain and reduce the spread of the virus, and to be making a difference for the sake of our family, friends and communities. We recently reached a key milestone in reporting 9 million COVID-19 tests to the National Testing Progamme – and by the time you read this we will be closing in on 10 million.

What do you really like about your job?

Randox has employed more than 850 new staff into the COVID labs, and to work with and learn from such a diverse and multi-disciplined team has been really rewarding. Everyone has risen to the challenge this pandemic has created and I am proud of how we have all pulled together as a team in a time of great need.

What is your perception of future career prospects in the diagnostics industry?

I think the future of the diagnostics industry is very bright and those thinking of a career in this area should definitely get involved. In setting up the Randox COVID labs we have done something which was never seen before in terms of infrastructure, capacity, and service, and across society there is an improved understanding of the importance of testing. I believe that this, coupled with further advancements in technology, will be a catalyst for more personalised healthcare individually tailored to each patient.

We are delighted to have Laura with us at Randox as part of our COVID-19 testing programme.


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