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Benefits of the VeraSTAT-V Foal IgG test

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    Measure the failure of passive transfer (FTP) of antibodies which occurs in 10 to 20% of new-born foals in 6 minutes
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    Lightweight, portable and convenient POC device delivering results when and where they are required


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    Delays in sending samples for lab testing are eliminated, providing immediate on-site Foal IgG testing to assess FTP
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    Test results are exported via Bluetooth connectivity so that results can be saved and tracked overtime
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    Tests are effective with 10 μl of blood sample to ensure foals receive sufficient transfer
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    Intuitive interface provides guidance though the entire testing process, enabling ease of use an interpretation of results

An Introduction to the NEW Foal IgG test

The latest edition to the VeraSTAT-V testing menu is the foal IgG test. Essential IgG antibodies are not transferred maternally to a foal within the womb, meaning the foal is born with no immune system to defend itself from potential bacterial infections outside the womb. Low IgG levels can lead to further complications such as pneumonia and arthritis.

The new born foal only has 24-48 hours in which its intestinal mucosa remains permeable enough to absorb the antibodies, it is therefore crucial to measure whether a foal has received enough IgGs during this timeframe to protect its immune system until it is old enough to produce its own.

Why this test is essential 

The VeraSTAT-V device measures quantitative levels of IgG in blood to determine whether a sufficient transfer of antibodies have been achieved. Ideally the IgG levels should exceed 800mg/dL2. Levels below 400 mg/dL indicate inadequate passive transfer and the need for IgG supplementation.

Foals with low IgG levels are usually unable to fight infection and are therefore more likely require veterinary intervention. In this case immunoglobins should be tested regularly to ensure that enough antibodies have been received before the foal can be discharged.

Click here to download Windows App:

  1. Download VeraSTAT-V Analyzer windows application to your computer.
  2. Extract the zipped file and double click VeraSTAT-V setup
  3. Follow the application install instruction to install the application on device

Interpretation of Results

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