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Randox Biosciences have been a world-leading primary manufacture of high quality antibodies, proteins and conjugates for over 40 years.

With an extensive portfolio of over 900 high quality monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, antibody fragments including sdAb’s, scFv’s and fAb’s, human recombinant proteins and conjugates, allow us to successfully assist with any new product development, research and partnership needs.

Our team of scientists possess unrivaled expertise which enables us to provide you with a comprehensive suite of products and services dedicated to advancing biopharmaceutical research and diagnostics. A custom development service is also available.

From initial cultivation of raw materials for assay development, through to providing companion diagnostics, custom and molecular based assays across a range of therapeutic areas; Randox BioReagents is a trusted partner supplying quality diagnostic solutions to the clinical, life science, pharmaceutical, research and biopharma industries.

We take pride in our development and quality, which reflect the components used in-house in the product of Randox diagnostics and research. With many unique and novel solutions for a wide range of applications, our standards not only meet unmet market needs but the ability to offer a world-class service meeting all customer requirements including custom developments upon request, in a wide range of pack sizes, producing excellent reproducibility, higher sensitivity and specificity for a multitude of projects.

Our Range of BioReagents