David Davis calls for blanket testing to save NHS £3bn a year

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David Davis calls for blanket testing to save NHS £3bn a year


Ministers are being urged to introduce mass medical testing to cut NHS costs by billions and save thousands of lives.

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis calls for mass medical testing across the whole UK population by companies which he believes will alert the NHS to potential health risks for individuals and allow for lifestyle changes and treatment before problems become serious.

Mr. Davis said, “I bring it back to the reality of individuals. If we delay diagnosis, we delay treatment – we sentence people to death. It’s as harsh as that. So one of the things I would like to see us do is dramatically increase the amount of diagnostic capacity we have.”

“My view is that actually we should break clear of the ideology. We should look to increase dramatically the amount of scans and diagnostic procedures we can create. And when I say dramatically, I mean a multiple of what we currently do and we should use the private sector to do it.

“I know it causes a bridling and a backing off but I the only way we can do it fast enough is to do that. And that will save I think about £3 billion, get the waiting lists down by millions of people but most importantly of all will save thousands of lives.”

Mr. Davis was reacting to a paper drawn up by Northern Ireland medical testing company Randox, one of the private health providers who developed Covid testing during lockdown. The paper has been drawn up by scientists at Randox, scaling up its testing capacity from 300 tests a day to 120,000 a day in less than 12 months. Overall, the firm conducted nearly 27 million tests during the pandemic.

Dr. Peter Fitzgerald, the founder of Randox, said that with the NHS waiting lists not far short of eight million people and with budgets under intense pressure, the time had come for a new partnership between the public and private sectors.

Ministers should start by convening a summit of private diagnostic firms and their NHS counterparts and investigate the potential of the enormous advances in testing technologies developed in recent years. By harnessing the startling progress made by scientists they could revolutionize standards of health care while slashing waiting lists and achieving far greater value for money.

Dr. Fitzgerald added, “Policy-makers need to appreciate the vast potential of the latest diagnostic testing technologies. They can deliver a step-change in the quality of people’s lives. By outsourcing much testing to the private sector – under a rigorous independent tendering process – the NHS can be freed up to  get on with its prime job of treating the sick.”

Under the Randox plan, the public would be invited to visit a private diagnostic clinic every year for a check-up. Results would be monitored in house by scientists who would advise people on next steps. Results would be routinely passed onto their GPs, though in many cases no further action would be needed.

GPs would ultimately decide on medical interventions and possible referral to NHS hospital services. A priority group for such tests would be the 7.7 million on NHS waiting lists. They would be assessed to see if their condition had worsened and whether urgent action was required.

High-tech comprehensive testing of the population would also reduce if not eliminate the many false positives arising from much of the diagnostic services available today.

Taken from Daily Express article by David Maddox, Political Editor.

Randox welcomed the Queen’s University staff Leadership Team to their Antrim based Randox Science Park in Antrim.

Randox were delighted to welcome the Queen’s University Belfast Leadership Team to their Antrim based headquarters, Randox Science Park on Tuesday, October 4th.

President and Vice Chancellor, Sir Ian Greer of Queen’s University was joined by Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Stuart Elborn, Head of Careers, Employability and Skills Mr Trevor Johnston, Head of Business Alliance Mr Dermot Leonard, Business Engagement Manager Mrs Joanne Mallon, Executive Director of the Global Innovation Institute Dr. David Quinn, Lead of Queen’s sustainable energy research Professor David Rooney, Dean of Research in Medicine, Health and Life Sciences Professor David Rooney, Dean of Research in Medicine, Health and, Life Sciences Professor Chris Scott, and Dean of Impact and Innovation in Medicine, Health, and Life Sciences.

The team received a presentation on Randox’s capabilities which stimulated multiple discussions in relation to research, improvements in healthcare provision, skills and the exciting future of Life and Health Sciences in Northern Ireland.

The purpose-built facilities at the site, covering research and development, engineering, manufacturing and accredited laboratories provides an unparalleled depth of diagnostic capability within a single site.

Randox employ over 2,200 staff, including 800 research scientists and engineers – all focused on improving life science diagnostic capabilities globally.

More than 5% of the world’s population (over 400 million people) receive medical diagnosis using Randox products each year. Randox have major facilities in the UK, Ireland, India, and the United States, supported by global distribution and supply networks.


Secretary of State visit to Randox Science Park

The Rt Hon Chris Heaton-Harris, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland paid a visit to Randox Science Park on Thursday, October 19th, to discuss Randox capabilities and undertake a tour of the facilities at the Antrim site.

As leading diagnostic company from the UK & Ireland, Randox have spent over forty years improving healthcare,  with a focus on the provision of timely and accurate  testing both to improve clinical diagnosis and promote preventative healthcare.

The purpose-built facilities at the site, covering research and development, engineering, manufacturing and accredited laboratories provides an unparalleled depth of diagnostic capability with a single site.

More than 5% of the world’s population (over 400 million people) receive medical diagnosis using Randox products each year.

Randox’s proprietary Biochip Technology is the result of a £350 million investment, allowing many tests to be run simultaneously, greatly improving the diagnostic power available to clinicians. This innovative technology allowed the provision of advanced health  profiling to support both early diagnosis and the transition to preventative healthcare.

Randox Science Park is a central hub of Randox’s life science manufacturing, engineering and research and development. Randox employ over 2,200 staff, including 800 research scientists and

engineers – all focused on improving life science diagnostic capabilities globally.

Randox Science Park is one of four key manufacturing and development sites, with others located in Dungloe, County Donegal; Bangalore, India; and the Greater Washington DC area, USA. Across the UK & Ireland there is also a growing network of Randox Health Clinics.



Sexual Health Week

September 11th-17th is Sexual Health Week 

Sexual Health is a very important part of our lives, impacting on our wider physical and emotional well-being. In our relationships it is also important to act responsibly and with care – and to reduce the risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

More than one million sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are acquired every day worldwide, the majority of which are asymptomatic. STIs are on the increase, and many show very little to no symptoms.

We want to break the stigma on sexual health testing. Regular testing is what keeps us safe and prevents STI’s spreading. Regular screening can aid in detecting an infection in the early stages and help to reduce the risk of further complications.

Gonorrhoea and Syphilis, which are two of the most common STIs are increasing at alarming rates.

Usually treated easily with antibiotics, many STIs can cause serious health issues if left untreated. Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea can cause infertility and pelvic inflammatory disease, while syphilis can cause serious, irreversible, and potentially life-threatening problems with your brain, heart, or nerves. Sexually transmitted infections are on the increase, many of which present little to no active symptoms.

A Randox Health spokesperson said: ” The screenings we provide are a complete STI screen which discreetly screens for 14 common STIs including HIV, Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea and take control of your sexual health with a complete STI screen which is available in clinic.

“We also offer a Blood Borne STI screen – where you can test for four common blood borne pathogens including HIV and Hepatitis from a sample blood sample. This specific test is highly recommended for pre-IVF treatment.” They added.

“Lastly we offer a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Test. With this you can discreetly screen for ten common sexually transmitted infections. This screening service is also available to anyone who has mild or no STI symptoms and would like to get themselves checked and is also available Inclinic.”

“Our easy to interpret test report will provide a breakdown of your results, what they mean and the next steps. Reports will be sent to the email address provided at the time of your registration.”

Find out more here: https://rb.gy/40gfv

World’s first Xylazine assay

Randox’s newly established ELISA for xylazine is the first immunoassay test in the world for this drug

Xylazine is an analgesic drug primarily used within the veterinary industry as a tranquilizer.

It has not been approved for human use, however, in recent years it has been linked to the USAs illicit drug supply. The United States Drug Enforcement Authority (DEA) recently published a Public Safety alert about xylazine. Its primary use is as a sedative and analgesic in veterinary medicine for horses, cattle, and other large animals. However, xylazine has been reported as an adulterant in an increasing number of illicit drugs mixtures and detected in a growing number of overdose deaths in the USA, according to the DEA.

A report released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on June 30th 2023 found that “Among 21 jurisdictions, the monthly percentage of illicitly manufactured fentanyl-involved deaths with xylazine detected increased 276% from January 2019 (2.9%) to June 2022 (10.9%).” However, they note that because of inconsistent testing, detection is still likely underestimated.

According to the CDC researchers “Medical Examiners and Coroners might differ regarding whether they consider xylazine to increase fatal overdose risk, or they might be unfamiliar with xylazine and therefore not list it on death certificates. This variation highlights the importance of collecting postmortem toxicology data on all drugs detected in overdose deaths, rather than just those listed on the death certificate.

The CDC advises that Expanded postmortem testing for xylazine is needed to clarify prevalence in drug supplies” and that Routine toxicology testing for xylazine in suspected overdose cases is critical for accurate surveillance”.

Studies continue to see the drug reported as an adulterant in an increasing number of illicit drug mixtures. Commonly encountered in combination with fentanyl but xylazine has also been detected in mixtures containing cocaine, heroin, and a variety of other drugs.

Unlike fentanyl, xylazine is not an opioid, naloxone (Narcan) does not reverse its effects. As such this dangerous combination of toxic drugs can lead to fatal accidental overdoses in users.

The severity of its side effects remain a concern: depressed breathing, blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature to critical levels.

Available now on the Evidence MultiSTAT!

Randox Toxicology continue to lead in new test development within the ever-changing drugs of abuse market. Our newly established test for xylazine is the first immunoassay test in the world for this drug of abuse.

Simultaneously screen two samples for up to 29 drugs of abuse, including xylazine, on our ToxPlex Array  in just 31 minutes!

About Randox Toxicology 

With over 40 years’ experience in the diagnostic market, Randox Toxicology is dedicated to advancing forensic, clinical and workplace toxicology.

Placing a heavy focus on new product R&D has led to the development of technology at the forefront of advanced global diagnostics.

A market leader in the development of new assays and technology in the field of toxicology, Randox aim to minimise laboratory workflow constraints whilst maximising the scope of quality drug detection.

With the world’s largest toxicology test menu, screening for over 600 drugs and drug metabolites, our range of versatile analysers provide toxicology solutions for both high and low throughput laboratories.

For more information, contact Randox Toxicology at info@randoxoxicology.com.

Randox Health partners with Team Gb ahead of Paris 2024

The British Olympic Association (BOA) has announced that Randox Health will be the Official Diagnostic Health Partner of Team GB ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Following the success of their previous partnership, which saw Randox provide Team GB with Covid-19 testing services for Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022, the new partnership will see the two organisations work to change the way the nation thinks about health.

Together with Team GB, Randox will encourage people to be proactive about their health by using comprehensive diagnostic screening and data to support prevention and early diagnosis of conditions, while Team GB’s athletes will have access to Randox’s in-clinic and home testing services to help them be in the best possible shape for Paris 2024.

Dr Peter FitzGerald, Founder and Managing Director of Randox Health, said: “We are delighted to announce our partnership as the Official Diagnostic Health Partner of the British Olympic Association and Team GB, particularly as every athlete increasingly focuses their preparations on the Paris Olympic Games in 2024, for which we wish them every success.

“Randox are at the forefront of comprehensive diagnostic testing to reduce illness and optimise health and performance – not only for athletes but also in our everyday lives.  Our range of preventative testing programmes, which are widely available through a growing network of Randox Health Clinics and home test kits, provides a data based, analytical approach to move from sickness management to prevention, promoting longer, healthier lives for all.  We know that much more can be done to improve health and well-being across the nation – working with Team GB we aim to change the way the UK thinks about health.’

Andy Anson, Chief Executive of the BOA, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Randox for the second time following the success of our work together for Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022.

“Due to Randox’s expert support we were the only major nation to attend both Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 to not record any positive Covid-19 cases, which was truly remarkable.

“Ensuring we have the best possible performance environment in place for our athletes is critical to the success of the team at an Olympic Games, and sector-leading medical services are key to that strategy.

“Randox share our ambition to support the health and wellbeing of the nation and it’s great that access to their specialist services are open to the general public and athletes alike.”

For further information, please visit TeamGB.com

Randox acquires microfluidic tools and impedence flow cytometer developer, Cellix Limited.

Randox are pleased to announce the acquisition of Cellix Limited, a Dublin-based company that develops microfluidic tools and impedance flow cytometers for cell analysis. 

This acquisition expands Randox’s technical capabilities into the benchtop flow cytometry space aligning with their commitment to personalised medicine and improved preventative healthcare.

Dr. Peter FitzGerald, Managing Director of Randox Laboratories:

“The acquisition of Cellix complements and broadens Randox’s offerings by making flow cytometry more accessible to a wider audience of scientists and clinicians.”

“We are looking forward to bringing together Cellix’s expertise in cytometry with our dedication to diagnostics and believe this combination will enable us to streamline workflows resulting in better outcomes for patients.”

Vivienne Williams, CEO of Cellix:

“Our team is very excited to be joining forces with Randox to scale access to our technology in the broader scientific community.

“Cellix’s dedicated team has worked hard developing impedance-based cytometry for cell analysis supported through programs including the Disruptive Technology Innovation Fund. With Randox’s strong global presence and dedication to R&D, we are looking forward to continuing development of our technology and expanding our customer footprint.”




Biomedical Science Day 2023

This 8th June, Randox is celebrating Biomedical Science Day and our vital role in pro-active healthcare through our Randox Health Clinics.

Biomedical Science Day celebrates the vital role biomedical scientists play in patient care through the diagnosis of infections and diseases. It is a national event organized by the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS), the professional body for biomedical scientists and laboratory support staff. The awareness day aims to inform the public and empower patients by telling them about practices in biomedical science and celebrating a profession that is #AtTheHeartOfHealthcare.

Biomedical science is practiced in healthcare laboratories to identify, research, monitor and treat diseases. As one of the broadest areas of modern science, it focuses on the complexity of the human body and underpins much of modern medicine.

Here at Randox we continuously celebrate all our laboratory staff on a global scale – our team consists of over 650 research scientists and engineers who work in four jurisdictions across three continents!

For over forty years, Randox laboratory staff have been contributing to our work in preventative healthcare and research into diagnostics.

Randox has many departments which all work collectively to produce results. Our laboratory and R&D scientists are continuously researching new biomarker discovery. With a driven commitment to improving health worldwide, Randox reinvest up to 25% of turnover into developing disruptive innovations in diagnostics and healthcare – providing earlier diagnosis, prognosis, and improved patient risk to reduce current invasive diagnostic methods.

“Here at Randox we are using cutting edge Research and Technologies with the aim of making a difference in the field of Clinical Diagnostics and preventative healthcare.”

– Dr. Sarah Gildea, Senior R&D Scientist at Randox Teoranta 

International Day of Women and Girls in Science!

International Day of Women and Girls in Science!

On Saturday 11th February, we are celebrating International day of Women and girls in Science! This day is an opportunity to celebrate and promote equal access to science for women and girls. 

Ahead of the 11th, we have interviewed five influential Women who fulfil STEM based roles across Randox Laboratories. They have shared their experiences and thoughts on Women and girls in the science industry.

Our fourth interview is with Head of RCLS Quality, Emma McGoldrick. 


Why did you pursue a career in STEM?

I have always been interested in how things work.  I enjoyed Maths and Science at school and chose to study Biomedical Science at university because it gave an overview of different areas of science and had a lot of practical modules.


What is your role in Randox and how long have you worked in the company for?

I started in Randox in 2018 working in the RTS laboratory doing routine analysis.  During the pandemic I moved across to RCLS and was involved in the Covid-19 testing as a PCR shift lead and eventually a Deputy Lab Manager.  In 2022, when the testing demands were decreasing, I moved into the RCLS Quality Department and became the Head of Department.

The Quality Department are responsible for ensuring the validity of results that are sent out to our customers, allowing them to have confidence in our service.  The Quality Department are also responsible for maintaining our accreditation status and applying for any new accreditations for new testing.

What change have you seen for women in science over the years?

Over the years I have seen an increase in the number of women, not only in science, but in positions of responsibility or authority.


Have you found it harder or any different going into your career in science as a woman?

I wouldn’t say I have found it more difficult as such but at times you can be very conscious of the fact that it can be a very male dominated field and as a result of that feel that you have to work harder or do more to be taken seriously.

Fortunately, in the course of my career I have had a lot of female managers and colleagues.  In fact, out of pure circumstance my team is predominantly women which is quite nice to work in a very supportive environment.


How do you think we can encourage more women to go into the science industry?

I think it is important to showcase careers in Science and STEM to give young girls the insight into what they can achieve.  It is important to support young girls in school and allow them to feel heard and encouraged that they can do whatever they choose without any undue pressure in adhering to societal gender roles.  Outreach to primary school age girls as well as high school age girls and showing them the variety of careers available to them in STEM is an important step in encouraging more women to go into STEM.


If you have one piece of advice as a woman starting out the STEM industry, what would it be?

I would say to any women starting out in STEM to keep going and pursue their career path and not to be put off.  There is plenty of room for women in STEM and they shouldn’t be afraid to take up space in the field.


For more information, please contact Market@randox.com


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  • Signing up to our mailing list is quick and easy. We do not wish to send you any spam or junk email, therefore, you can expect to receive mailshots including new product launches and updates, market trends, attendance at key industry events and much more. Randox Laboratories promise never to sell your data and we will keep all your details, safe and secure. Read more in our Privacy Policy.
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