Randox launches €99 Express COVID-19 Testing Service at Dublin Airport

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Randox launches €99 Express COVID-19 Testing Service at Dublin Airport

16 November 2020: Randox launches 99 Express COVID-19 Testing Service at Dublin Airport

A 99 Express COVID-19 Testing Service which launches this week in a new Travel Testing Centre at Dublin Airport, will see the creation of 50 new jobs.

The testing service from Randox, a laboratory partner in the UK’s National COVID-19 Testing Programme, utilises a robust and reliable method of testing known as PCR, which Junior Minister for Transport Hildegarde Naughton described as “the gold standard” for travel testing.

The launch of the Randox Health Travel Centre, which offers rapid next day delivery of results for pre-departure screening as well as on-arrival testing to reduce quarantine timeframes, comes just after Ireland aligned itself with the new EU ‘traffic light’ system to co-ordinate international travel, on Sunday 8th November.

Sophie Boyd, Project Manager for the Randox Express COVID-19 Testing Service, explained;     

 “With the introduction of the new EU traffic lights system, some people will need a COVID-19 test before travelling or equally, will want a negative test result simply for their peace of mind.

“We are delighted to have secured a location at Dublin Airport, that allows us to extend our rapid and reliable COVID-19 Testing Service, already used by a range of well-known companies, airlines and elite sporting organisations, to individual passengers and consumers.”

The Irish Government has agreed that, whilst those arriving from red zones currently have to quarantine for 14 days, this could soon be waived following a negative result from a COVID-19 PCR test taken five days after arrival in Ireland.

Sophie continued;

“Travel requirements during the pandemic continue to evolve, but with the introduction of the EU traffic light system, a common prerequisite to travel or to shorten existing quarantine periods will be a negative PCR COVID-19 test, which is currently the only method of COVID-19 testing recognised and approved by every country worldwide.

“With significant capacity in place to implement high volume PCR testing, we welcome the opportunity to bolster the travel industry’s enormous efforts to restore public confidence in international travel.

“We are committed to providing the most cost-effective and accurate test in the market to assist with the normalisation of travel, and so Randox will be opening a number of regional travel centres across Ireland over the coming weeks.”

Dublin Airport Managing Director Vincent Harrison said the health and safety of passengers and staff had been the airport’s key priority during the pandemic and that continued to be the case;

“We continue to operate a range of globally-recognised COVID-19 safety measures for the health and wellbeing of all airport visitors, and with the official opening of the Randox Health Travel Centre at Dublin Airport we can further support our passengers by offering them access to testing facilities onsite at the airport.”

The Randox €99 Express COVID-19 Testing Service is open to all asymptomatic individuals and operates from the Randox Health Travel Centre beside Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport, as well as at a testing facility in Leopardstown Dublin.

In the coming weeks Randox Health Travel Centres will also open in Galway, Limerick and Cork.

Visit booking.randox.ie to book your appointment.

For further information please email info@randoxhealth.com or phone 0800 2545 130.


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