Take the #TrueAgeChallenge and win a FitBit on each day of the Balmoral Show with Randox Health

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Take the #TrueAgeChallenge and win a FitBit on each day of the Balmoral Show with Randox Health

Who is the 2018 Balmoral Show’s healthiest person? That’s a question Randox Health is posing at this year’s event, as it announces details of an interactive challenge ahead of this week’s event.

Anyone over the age of 16 can take part by visiting the Randox Health stand and taking part in the True Age Challenge. It involves a Body Composition Analysis (BCA) machine which assesses 25 different areas of your body including the ratio of muscle to fat, bone density, hidden visceral fat and cellular hydration levels.

But it’s the reveal of a person’s ‘true’ or metabolic age that can really leave people amazed!

The #TrueAgeChallenge winner will receive a FitBit Blaze each day of the Balmoral Show. They will either be the single person with the greatest difference between their body age and ‘true’ age as determined by the BCA, or if there are multiple people with the same age difference, they will be entered into a draw.

Peter FitzGerald, Managing Director of Randox, commented:

“The True Age Challenge is a novel way to highlight the importance of finding out the current state of your own personal health. For many people, talking intimately about our health can be taboo so we’re working to start that crucial conversation that sparks a desire within people to take control of their health. Our ambition is to help people extend their lives, and live healthier for longer.”

Local well-known names, Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster President James Speers and Downtown Radio presenter Kirstie McMurray are looking forward to taking part.

James Speers, President of the Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster, said of the challenge:

“It’s shaping up to be another great year at Balmoral and the Randox Health True Age Challenge is a fantastic way for people to get a quick overview of their health while at the show. I’m looking forward to partaking in the challenge – hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised!”

Downtown Radio and Downtown Country presenter, Kirstie McMurray, commented:

“When I heard about the Randox Health True Age Challenge I was keen to have a go! I’ve been going to a gym regularly for a year now and I’m interested to see the difference that has made to my health. Fingers-crossed I’m a few years ‘younger’ than my real age!”

Randox Health will be on stand A7 throughout Balmoral Show 2018.

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For more information about the #TrueAgeChallenge, please contact Randox PR on 028 9442 2413 or email RandoxPR@randox.com