New Acusera PTH Control for Randox Quality Control

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New Acusera PTH Control for Randox Quality Control

Randox Quality Control are pleased to announce a further expansion to our comprehensive laboratory quality control portfolio, the Acusera PTH Control.

Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) is a hormone released by the parathyroid glands. It is often referred to as the parathormone and is often requested to help determine the cause of a low or high calcium concentration, helping to distinguish between parathyroid related and non-parathyroid related causes.

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The new PTH Control has been designed with convenience in mind, providing laboratories with a true third party solution for the measurement of PTH. Our assayed liquid control has been developed with an extended open vial stability of 30 days and 2 year shelf life, reducing waste and ensuring consistency for this notoriously unstable assay. 

Is your laboratory currently running PTH? Are you seeing shifts in QC results when you change reagent batch? If so, visit the new Acusera PTH Control product page for more information or register your interest.