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What sets the Evidence Series apart from its competitors is its flexibility across the range of immunoassay analysers. No other range of analysers has the capability in terms of throughput in comparison to the Evidence Series. With this established, we are delighted to introduce the latest in the Evidence Series range, the Evidence Evolution.

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We believe that the Evidence Evolution is the world’s most advanced immunoassay analyser. The Evidence Evolution is the most versatile analyser Randox has ever produced. By utilising the same multiplex technology as the other Evidence Series analysers, the Evidence Evolution can process up to 44 results from a single sample, with a maximum throughput of up to 2640 tests per hour. With such a high volume of potential throughput, you may think that reporting time will be compromised, that is simply not the case. The Evidence Evolution can produce the first set of results in less than 36 minutes, with one sample of up to 44 results reported every minute after. The speed of reporting time distinguishes the Evidence Evolution from its competitors, and allows the analyser to further display its capabilities.


By utilising patented Biochip Array Technology, the Evidence Evolution offers batch analysis, true random access and STAT testing capabilities. These, combined with retrospective testing, allows the user to build a more in-depth patient profile.

With such swift reporting times, the Evidence Evolution can boast of a true walkaway time of 2 hours, in a laboratory setting, this can be vital. With multiple daily tasks to be completed, time is of the essence, and the Evidence Evolution has been designed to lessen the workload of laboratory staff. By being able to offer a combination of continuous sample and reagent loading, plus automated on-board sample dilution, the Evidence Evolution will have a positive impact in busy laboratories.

Complete Picture

A fast reporting time and high throughput capabilities is just the tip of what the Evidence Evolution can offer. The analyser has the capability to test across multiple matrices, allowing for more flexibility in sampling. It also comes equipped with state of the art intuitive software and advanced precision bio-drive robotics, meaning the Evidence Evolution is an analyser that has been designed and developed to meet the needs of a modern, high throughput laboratory, by a company that has a deep understanding of laboratory needs.

About the Randox Evidence Series

The Evidence Series is set to revolutionise diagnostic testing forever. Offering unrivalled capabilities across all analysers, we truly believe that the Evidence Series range of immunoassay analysers can meet your diagnostic testing capabilities.

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