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The key features and benefits of Biochip Array Technology

Biochip Array Technology

In 1992, Randox invested £180 million to create and introduce Biochip Array Technology (BAT) which converted laboratory testing. Randox came up with the innovation by recognising the major problem with traditional diagnosis. Within traditional diagnosis several tests are typically required which involves multiple blood draws from the patient, many visits to the hospital, increased reagent volume and increased time to diagnosis. Biochip Array Technology allows for the simultaneous quantitative or qualitative detection of a wide range of analytes from one single sample. Therefore, it is faster, cost saving and more effective leading to better clinical decisions. Today the technology (BAT) is used in countless laboratories worldwide and a range of three biochip analysers are now offered.

The main basis of the Biochip Array Technology

  • 9x9mm biochip which acts as a solid phase reaction vessel.
  • Each of the biochips are pre-coated with an array of discrete test regions (DTRs)
  • One biochip per sample used to generate multiple results.
  • Randox Biochips hold up to 49 tests.
  • Based on chemiluminescent signal emitting light, without heat which results a chemical reaction.

The key features and benefits of the Biochip Array Technology

Highly accurate testing
  • The biochip array technology provides high standard of accurate test results with CV’s <10%
  • Multiplex analysis minimises analytical variation between the tests.
Better diagnosis
  • Increased patient information available through testing multiple markers
  • Patients receive their results quicker compared to the traditional diagnosis.
 Reduced sample volume
  • Reduced sample required therefore patients feel more at ease.
Wide test menu
  • Wide test menu provides a variety for clients and allows flexibility.
Multiple samples
  • Multiple samples can be used on BAT which include the following; serum, plasma, whole blood, urine and many others which allows for flexibility in their testing
Cost consolidation

–  The process reduces the amount of time spent on individual tests and associated laboratory costs

Biochip testing platforms

Evidence Evolution

The Evidence Evolution is fully automated random-access biochip testing platform. The machine allows any test to perform at any time as it is a highly versatile analyser which can operate any workflow. It can receive 2640 tests per hour which means the machine has a fast turnaround time. As well as this, it allows multiple tests to be performed from a single sample which reduces time and resources spent on individual tests. The Evidence Evolution can be tailored to certain laboratory needs and have features including automatic start-up and shut down, relaxed testing capability and traceability of biochips. The equipment overall is made to be easy for the client to use as it includes customisable user settings and easy to follow result screens giving them the fast and accurate operations they would prefer.


The Evidence Analyser is the protein Biochip Array technology. Like the Evidence Evolution it is fully automated which is suitable for busy laboratories, hospitals, forensic and clinical toxicology. The machine is floor standing and can receive up to 3690 per hour. The machine has features such as easy to follow software and customisable user settings which gives laboratories the opportunity to receive fast and accurate results.

Evidence investigator

The Evidence Investigator is often used for research, clinical, forensic, molecular and veterinary testing.  The machine is semi-automated and can combine immunoassay and molecular diagnostics on a single platform with protein and DNA biochips. This machine also has a quick turnaround time with the ability to achieve 2376 tests per hour with 44 analytes screened per biochip. The evidence investigator provides more tests on the test menu which allows variety.

Evidence MultiSTAT

The final platform is the Evidence MultiSTAT. The Evidence MultiSTAT is a fully-automated analyser which provides quality results. It is a simple and easy to use analyser which requires minimal training with only three steps to complete the process. The machine can provide multiplex testing yields up to 46 results in under ten minutes. It is ease-of-use for non-laboratory staff and provides full traceability of user action with password controlled software.

For more information on our Biochip Array Technology contact the Randox Biosciences team by emailing





Evidence Investigator | Adaptable, Efficient & Comprehensive

The Evidence Investigator is a compact, semi-automated benchtop analyser that offers efficient and comprehensive testing across a range of applications including clinical diagnostics, molecular, research, toxicology and food diagnostics.

Renowned for its versatility, robustness and effective reporting methods, the Evidence Investigator has been used in a wide range of laboratory settings for over 15 years. This highly advanced yet simple to use analyser has only one moving part, giving the user peace of mind.

The Evidence Investigator contains a host of innovative on-board data analysis features ensuring manual processes are kept to a minimum.

By utilising the same multiplex technology as the other Evidence Series analysers, the Evidence Investigator can process up to 44 results from a single sample, with a maximum throughput of up to 2376 tests per hour. Offering efficiency without compromising on accuracy, the Evidence Investigator is the perfect fit for medium throughput laboratories seeking maximum use of bench space.


Accurate and Robust

Like all the Evidence Series analysers, what sets it apart is technology. The Evidence Investigator is extremely well equipped to provide reliable results, while simultaneously robust enough to withstand frequent, heavy use.

Results are generated using a Charge Coupled Device (CCD) camera, which quantifies chemiluminescent light. This light measures the degree of binding between the patient sample and specific biochip bound ligands, generating highly accurate and reliable results.


The Evidence Investigator is the world’s first platform allowing consolidation of immunoassay and molecular diagnostics. This is achieved through utilising protein and DNA based biochips. By giving the user the ability to consolidate tests, the Evidence Investigator improves laboratory efficiency and reduces costs.

Advanced Reporting

The Evidence Investigator image processing software translates light signal generated from chemiluminescent reactions into analyte concentration. This removes the need for any manual processing of data.

Previously unreported tests can also be retrieved, so they can be tested retrospectively. This saves time, labour costs and reduces any reagents wastage. All data is then analysed on-board, removing issues related to human error and result manipulation.

About the Randox Evidence Series

The Evidence Series is set to revolutionise diagnostic testing forever. Offering unrivalled capabilities across all analysers, we truly believe that the Evidence Series range of immunoassay analysers can meet your diagnostic testing capabilities.

For more information on the Evidence Investigator, or any of the Evidence Series analysers, visit or contact us








The Evidence Evolution: The world’s most advanced immunoassay analyser

What sets the Evidence Series apart from its competitors is its flexibility across the range of immunoassay analysers. No other range of analysers has the capability in terms of throughput in comparison to the Evidence Series. With this established, we are delighted to introduce the latest in the Evidence Series range, the Evidence Evolution.

Join the Evolution

We believe that the Evidence Evolution is the world’s most advanced immunoassay analyser. The Evidence Evolution is the most versatile analyser Randox has ever produced. By utilising the same multiplex technology as the other Evidence Series analysers, the Evidence Evolution can process up to 44 results from a single sample, with a maximum throughput of up to 2640 tests per hour. With such a high volume of potential throughput, you may think that reporting time will be compromised, that is simply not the case. The Evidence Evolution can produce the first set of results in less than 36 minutes, with one sample of up to 44 results reported every minute after. The speed of reporting time distinguishes the Evidence Evolution from its competitors, and allows the analyser to further display its capabilities.


By utilising patented Biochip Array Technology, the Evidence Evolution offers batch analysis, true random access and STAT testing capabilities. These, combined with retrospective testing, allows the user to build a more in-depth patient profile.

With such swift reporting times, the Evidence Evolution can boast of a true walkaway time of 2 hours, in a laboratory setting, this can be vital. With multiple daily tasks to be completed, time is of the essence, and the Evidence Evolution has been designed to lessen the workload of laboratory staff. By being able to offer a combination of continuous sample and reagent loading, plus automated on-board sample dilution, the Evidence Evolution will have a positive impact in busy laboratories.

Complete Picture

A fast reporting time and high throughput capabilities is just the tip of what the Evidence Evolution can offer. The analyser has the capability to test across multiple matrices, allowing for more flexibility in sampling. It also comes equipped with state of the art intuitive software and advanced precision bio-drive robotics, meaning the Evidence Evolution is an analyser that has been designed and developed to meet the needs of a modern, high throughput laboratory, by a company that has a deep understanding of laboratory needs.

About the Randox Evidence Series

The Evidence Series is set to revolutionise diagnostic testing forever. Offering unrivalled capabilities across all analysers, we truly believe that the Evidence Series range of immunoassay analysers can meet your diagnostic testing capabilities.

For more information on the Evidence Evolution, or any of the Evidence Series analysers, please visit or contact us  

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We Are Randox | Omagh Speed Networking promotes careers in STEM

We’re sure you’ve heard of “Speed Dating”, but what about “Speed Networking”? Randox’s R&D Scientist, Dr. Dwaine Vance tried it out to spread the word about Randox Careers in STEM!

Dr Dwaine Vance visited Omagh High School to represent Randox Careers. He sat down with us, and we discussed the importance of the event. Dr. Vance told us:

On Wednesday the 15th June I represented Randox Careers at a ‘speed networking’ event at Omagh High School. This involved groups of students moving from one employer stand to the next for a 5 minute ‘mini network’. There was two sessions during the morning involving GCSE level pupils. The aim of the ‘speed networking’ event was to provide pupils with opportunities to meet local Northern Irish companies within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) sectors, of which Randox Laboratories play a pivotal role.

We, at Randox, want to inspire students to think about their own career plans and to allow them to gather information about the local job market. By doing this, we’re also giving them the opportunity to be aware of the jobs that are available and the importance of STEM related subjects,  as well as letting them see how employers value their other curriculum subjects and their personal skills and attributes.   My objective as a employee of Randox was to showcase a range of careers for all abilities within the company with a focus on STEM careers e.g. science and engineering.

The importance of spreading awareness of the opportunities in science and engineering from a young age is imperative, as many students are unaware of the vast range of differentiation in different careerpaths, stemming from one subject or degree class. Dr. Dwaine Vance went on to discuss the events of the networking conference:

As part of each ‘mini network’ I provided students with a brief overview of Randox. Students were given the opportunity to watch videos depicting our expertise and to ask questions about how their interests could be incorporated within Randox. The training department at Randox provided me with pop-up stands, recruitment pathway brochures, merchandise e.g. pens, stopwatches, mug coasters and even Biochip Array Technology key rings!

Overall the students gained a good knowledge of Randox, they were particularly keen to learn about the local and global opportunities available at Randox. In addition, students were keen to know more about the veterinary aspect of Randox. It was comforting to discover that the majority of pupils had previous knowledge of the Randox brand from the press (as we have recently experienced a great boost in brand visibility through Grand national sponsorship), Randox health (television adverts) and Confidante (local radio stations).

The pupils at Omagh High School were keen to ask me about my role within the company and what my day to day roles and responsibilities are. I was happy to provide students with my research and development activities and they were interested to hear that I was involved in the development of a genetic test that aims to predict your future risk of heart disease by investigating your own DNA.

At Randox I am part of a small team of experienced research scientists that are developing a genetic risk prediction test for heart disease and myocardial infarction. This test aims to simultaneously genotype 20 genetics variants that have been previously associated with increased risk of heart disease. This Randox molecular test is in collaboration with leading University academics and will help reduce the burden of heart disease throughout the world by providing an accurate risk assessment of disease so personalised treatment can be provided to those who require it most. To quote Randox Health, “Prevention is better than cure”.

From everyone at the Randox Careers team and from Dr. Dwaine Vance, we’d like to thank Omagh High School for inviting us to attend this incredibly beneficial Speed Networking event, where we feel we have truly impacted the young minds of tomorrow. We look forward to the future of diagnostics, with you!

Dr Dwaine Vance at Omagh High School to promote Careers in STEM
Dr Dwaine Vance, pictured with Mrs. Paula Burns, teacher and Head of Careers at Omagh High School at STEM event

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