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Randox products go paperless in environmental friendliness initiative

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01 November 2019

Randox Kits Go Paperless

In the latest on a list of initiatives aimed at improving its environmental friendliness, Randox Laboratories has announced the removal of IFUs from its products, in a bid to go paperless.

As of 1st June 2019, all Randox Reagent, ELISA and QC kits no longer contain a copy of the product’s IFUs (Instructions For Use), to aid in reducing our carbon footprint.

Did you know, in the US, office copy paper alone still accounts for over 20% of total paper usage?

Randox is committed to reducing our environmental impact across all areas of the business, and going paperless will go a long way in contributing to the efforts the company already makes to be more environmentally-friendly.

We also have a dedicated Environmental team whose role it is to prevent pollution, reduce waste, recycle consistently, and in general, to control and reduce the risks to air, land and water.

Each year the team plants a new area of trees around Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland, where our headquarters are located, to make sure the area continues to develop and flourish, and to maintain the wildlife diversity.

And it’s not just the Environmental team who endeavour to reduce our atmosphere emissions and energy use. Whether a scientist or marketer, manufacturing operative or salesperson, each member of Team Randox makes an effort to reduce our waste where we can – for example by turning off our computers, heating and lighting when not in use, and maintaining our equipment properly in order to maximise their efficiency.

Our engineering and manufacturing team, in particular, take environmental factors into consideration daily – whether the material they have chosen is environmentally friendly, if their processes are efficient and if waste material can be recycled.

Our training department also went paperless recently. Rather than completing training documentation on paper, the team is now utilising a paperless data management system to reduce our impact on the environment even more.

And instead of IFUs being included within Randox product kits, they will all now be available for download on randox.com.

To access your Randox kit inserts please follow the steps below;

1. Under the “Support & Documentation” tab on Randox.com, you will be presented with a number of options. Under the ‘Product Inserts’ tab, you will be able to access:

-Kit inserts for Reagents (including RX series)

-Kit inserts for ELISAs

2. You will be required to login, or to create an account by clicking “Request Access.”

– Upon logging on, you will be able to select a general insert, RX series insert, ELISA insert and so on.

– Alternatively, you can search for a specific cat code using the search field on the right. You can also opt for the results to display in ascending or descending order and then simply search for the kit.

Please see below a breakdown of how to access Randox IFUs on Randox.com.


Also listed under the “Support & Documentation” tab on Randox.com are the following useful tabs:

• QC / Calibrator Documents
– IFUs and value sheets for QC material and calibrators
– No log-in required

– Material safety data sheets for all products
– No log-in required

Randox places great importance on looking after the environment and reducing our carbon footprint.

We are constantly trying to find more ways to reduce environmental impact, contribute to the reduction of global CO2 emissions, and make sure that the area of outstanding natural beauty in County Antrim in which we work is preserved for many generations to come.

Should you have any questions about how to access Randox Instructions For Use online, please contact applications@randox.com

For further information on what we do at Randox to protect the local environment, please contact the Randox PR Team: phone 028 9442 2413 or email randoxpr@randox.com

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