RIQAS – Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme

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RIQAS – Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme

RIQSA External Quality Assessment - Connecting Your Laboratory

The World’s Largest External Quality Assessment Scheme

Uniquely connecting you with 45,000 laboratory participants across 32 flexible yet comprehensive programmes, RIQAS is the world’s largest external quality assessment (EQA) scheme. Access to maximised peer groups ensures availability of comparison data for a wide range of instruments and methods, ultimately increasing confidence in test system reliability. The added benefit of frequent analysis, user-friendly reports, multi-instrument reports and consolidated programmes makes a cost-effective, high quality EQA solution for any laboratory.

Benefits of RIQAS


Comprised of over 360 parameters in 32 comprehensive programmes, RIQAS streamlines EQA by significantly reducing the number of individual programmes required.

User-friendly reports

RIQAS presents reports in a simple one page per parameter format for at-a-glance performance assessment, including Levey-Jennings charts, Histograms, % Deviation charts, and more; providing a visual representation of laboratory performance, all within 24-72 hours of the submission deadline.


Frequent analysis coupled with our rapid report turnaround will allow labs to pinpoint when an error occurred and implement any corrective actions necessary.


With 32 flexible EQA programmes available, RIQAS has something to suit every lab. Reduced parameter and report options ensures suitability for laboratories of every size and budget.

The ability to register up to 5 instruments per programme at no extra cost will ultimately save money facilitating comparative performance assessment.


Being part of a reputable External Quality Assessment scheme like RIQAS is highly encouraged by international and national regulatory bodies and will help your laboratory meet ISO 15189:2012 accreditation requirements:

“the laboratory shall participate in inter-laboratory comparisons such as those organised by external quality assessment schemes…”, “EQA should, as far as possible, cover the entire range of tests, and the entire examination process, from sample reception, preparation and analysis to interpretation and reporting.”

RIQAS systems and procedures are accredited to ISO 17043:2010 ‘Conformity Assessment – General Requirements for Proficiency Testing’ ensuring a high quality programme that is fit for purpose and will assist laboratories in meeting and maintaining ISO 15189:2012 standards.

In addition to ISO 17043:2010, RIQAS is recognised by the UK National Quality Assurance Advisory Panel (NQAAP) for Clinical Pathology and the Joint Working Group on Quality Assurance (JWG QA).

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