COVID-19 Testing Service Testimonial: The Irish Football Association

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COVID-19 Testing Service Testimonial: The Irish Football Association

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25 July 2020

COVID-19 Testing Service Testimonial: The Irish Football Association

As we move towards a new ‘normal’ and sporting organisations begin the process of restarting their games, many teams will be wondering how to ensure a safe and reassuring training environment for their players and their staff.

Thanks to our COVID-19 testing service, The Irish Football Association was able to facilitate a timely and efficient return to play by confirming their players as ‘COVID-safe.’

Our ‘Back to Business’ programme has enabled the IFA to demonstrate their commitment to their players, their staff, and their fans, as well as get back to business by ensuring the highest level of safety.

Corinne Lannie, Risk Manager at the Irish Football Association, commented;

“The test kits were very straightforward to use.  The instructions were clear as was the YouTube guidance video. The recording onto the Randox system was easy and the speed of results was exceptional.

“The support provided by Paul (Randox Business Development Executive) was amazing – he was extremely helpful and supportive and really went above and beyond.”

At Randox, we offer two types of testing;

PCR (diagnostic) testing, and antibody testing, which can give an indication that an individual has been previously infected with COVID-19.

Sample collection services are available.

David Hallendorff, Business Relations Manager at Randox Health commented;

“Collectively we are all working towards a timely return to a more normal society, which will see companies reopening and people returning to work.

“To facilitate this recovery of the economy, without compromising the health of workers or of the wider general public, workplaces have a responsibility to provide a safe working environment.

“It is great to see so many companies putting the health of their staff as a priority and taking a proactive approach to testing.

To find out more about our Back to Business COVID-19 Testing Service, please email or phone 0800 2545 130



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