COVID-19 Testing Service Testimonial: The Irish Football Association

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COVID-19 Testing Service Testimonial: The Irish Football Association

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25 July 2020

COVID-19 Testing Service Testimonial: The Irish Football Association

As we move towards a new ‘normal’ and sporting organisations begin the process of restarting their games, many teams will be wondering how to ensure a safe and reassuring training environment for their players and their staff.

Thanks to our COVID-19 testing service, The Irish Football Association was able to facilitate a timely and efficient return to play by confirming their players as ‘COVID-safe.’

Our ‘Back to Business’ programme has enabled the IFA to demonstrate their commitment to their players, their staff, and their fans, as well as get back to business by ensuring the highest level of safety.

Corinne Lannie, Risk Manager at the Irish Football Association, commented;

“The test kits were very straightforward to use.  The instructions were clear as was the YouTube guidance video. The recording onto the Randox system was easy and the speed of results was exceptional.

“The support provided by Paul (Randox Business Development Executive) was amazing – he was extremely helpful and supportive and really went above and beyond.”

At Randox, we offer two types of testing;

PCR (diagnostic) testing, and antibody testing, which can give an indication that an individual has been previously infected with COVID-19.

Sample collection services are available.

David Hallendorff, Business Relations Manager at Randox Health commented;

“Collectively we are all working towards a timely return to a more normal society, which will see companies reopening and people returning to work.

“To facilitate this recovery of the economy, without compromising the health of workers or of the wider general public, workplaces have a responsibility to provide a safe working environment.

“It is great to see so many companies putting the health of their staff as a priority and taking a proactive approach to testing.

To find out more about our Back to Business COVID-19 Testing Service, please email or phone 0800 2545 130



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RTS attending NI Construction Expo

Randox Testing Services are delighted to announce that we will be attending the Northern Ireland Construction Expo. Titanic Exhibition Centre will be the venue for the event, taking place on 13th February.

The NI Construction Expo brings together over 2000 construction companies, developers, policy makers, project owners and a plethora of other organisations, to provide an environment of debate, further knowledge in the design, construction and management of Northern Ireland’s buildings, infrastructure and industrial projects.

Attending the event will be our Senior Business Development Executive David O’Regan and our Business Development Executive Jim Windsor. Both have many years’ experience in workplace drug and alcohol testing and they will be more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding implementing a workplace testing policy.

Our Sales Executive Jim Windsor will be speaking at the event, providing those in attendance how drug & alcohol testing in the construction industry can have a positive impact on a business in this safety-critical environment.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with our team, please contact We will be exhibiting at stand B11B, make sure you stop by and have a chat to our team for any drug & alcohol testing related queries you may have.


Randox Testing Services

Randox Testing Services is part of the Randox Laboratories group, a global market leader in the diagnostics industry with over 35 years’ experience. Founded in 1982 by current Managing Director, Dr Peter FitzGerald CBE FREng, Randox is dedicated to accurate and sensitive sample testing. The ethos within Randox is to produce quality products, supported by continual investment in research and development.

Randox Testing Services is a specialist in the drug and alcohol testing industry. Our expertise is relied upon by a range of leading safety-critical companies across the UK, Ireland and internationally, as well as the medico-legal sector.

For regular updates on our products and other topical information follow us on Twitter (RandoxTesting) and LinkedIn (randox-testing-services).

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Meeting Your Drug and Alcohol Testing Needs with RTS

Workplace drug and alcohol testing

At Randox Testing Services, workplace drug and alcohol testing is one part of the services we provide. Our aim is to raise awareness around the dangers of substance misuse and help companies make their workplaces safer. However, our service offering also extends to other sectors.

We provide comprehensive testing for those in the medico-legal market and private individuals. The testing requirements for these markets differ significantly, with unique circumstances that need to be taken into consideration.

Medico-legal testing for drugs and alcohol may be required by various professional bodies involved in child custody cases, care proceedings or child protection cases. In cases regarding divorce and children, a dispute may arise during the process of discussions involving the custody of the child. Drug and alcohol testing may be sought if there has been a substance abuse claim against a parent fighting for custody or visitation.

Drug and alcohol testing is important to ensure child protection from the detrimental effects of parental substance misuse and to ensure they have a quality of life they deserve. In addition, it is also important to enable parents the opportunity to get the help and support they need and begin rehabilitation treatment.

In some cases, customers will require a one-off test as part of a job application, court order or for abstinence monitoring as part of an agreed programme with their employer. These various scenarios highlight the importance that drug and alcohol testing can play on a person’s life.

Our Expertise

At Randox Testing Services we provide drug and alcohol testing services to all professionals within the family law sector and private individuals. Our hair drug testing service utilises fully accredited testing methods and is made more cost effective through the patented testing methods we have developed.

We understand the impact a positive result can have on a parent, child, and extended family and ensure results of the highest accuracy. With over 35 years’ experience in the diagnostic industry, we have gained reputation as a trusted provider.

Randox Testing Services

We can supply individuals with a drug and alcohol service without the need to enter into any contracts. This service is available to anyone and can be facilitated by Randox Testing Services from sample collection to laboratory analysis; or with point of care kits to carry out drug and alcohol testing for instant results.

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Reporting, Expert Witness and Medical Review Services from RTS

RTS Reporting Services

At Randox Testing Services we provide a number of reporting options to our customers, including expert witness reports and medical reviews to add clarity and expert examination to results.

Expert Witness Services

An Expert Witness Report is an interpretation of the results of a drug or alcohol test. It provides a detailed explanation of whether or not substances tested for were detected as well as information regarding chain of custody compliance and testing procedures.

As trusted industry experts Randox Testing Services staff are trained to act as Expert Witnesses in legal cases involving drug and alcohol testing. Our experienced team of Reporting Scientists have undergone extensive Expert Witness training to provide professional witness statements or fully written reports for use as evidence in a court of law or industrial tribunals.

Where required a Senior Toxicologist from Randox Testing Services can attend legal proceedings in person to provide expert witness testimony.

Medical Review Services

Our medical review service offers independent and expert examination of positive results under medical confidentiality.

A positive result from a drug and alcohol analysis is a cause for concern. However, there are some cases when there is a legitimate medical reason for the result. Our medical review service allows for the independent and confidential review of the result to determine the cause of a positive result, for example, if an employee is taking prescription medication.

The Medical Review Officer (MRO) assesses a positive result in the light of the donor’s medical background to determine if there is a legitimate medical reason for the result. The MRO helps protect both the rights of the employee being tested and the employer requiring the testing.

Randox Testing Services

At Randox Testing Services we offer customers access to our expertise through providing various reporting options to customers. These reporting services can be utilised in cases where extra clarity or examination is needed to investigate the outcome of a drugs test. These reports are utilised by workplaces as well as those operating within the medico-legal sector.

For more information on our training, education and reporting services, click here.

If you would like to find out more about our drug and alcohol testing programs, contact us today to speak to one of our experience business development executives.



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Addressing Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace

Within any business, companies seek to outline clear methods in which employees should act and behave whilst carrying out their roles. These rules are outlined in company workplace policies. Every business – no matter which industry it operates in – should have well-documented and comprehensive workplace policies and procedures in place.

According to the Employment Law Handbook, a workplace policy is a set of rules and principles that aims to provide guidance to managers and workers in how to behave in the workplace. They can be in place for numerous different issues – bullying, harassment, internet use, health and safety are just a few that can be implemented.

Health and Safety

As mentioned above, health and safety is an important aspect of any workplace policy. The health and well-being of the working community is of utmost importance for sustainable development. Specifically, a drug and alcohol policy is a key part of the overall health and safety policy within a company. Alcohol and drugs through their effects on health, safety, work performance and absenteeism can jeopardise productivity, deny businesses the leading edge and curtail competitiveness. Effectively implemented drug and alcohol policies will help employers in the legal duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees.

The need for a Drug and Alcohol Policy

Drugs and alcohol misuse can have dangerous consequences within the workplace. All organisations can benefit from an agreed policy that applies to all staff. There are wide range of statistics available to highlight the worrying impact that drugs and alcohol can have on individuals. In 2016, it was estimated that £7 billion was lost in productivity through unemployment and sickness. Furthermore, 10.8 million adults in England are drinking at levels that pose some risk to their health. A survey carried out by UK based Health and Safety Consultants showed that; from 2,600 workers in office, factory, retail and the public sector, 85% admit to being drunk at work in the last year; not including the Christmas party. 28% of those surveyed admitted using drugs at work, including NPS (formerly legal highs) cannabis and other illegal substances.

From a legal point of view, employers have a duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of employees. Also, under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, to assess the risks to the health and safety of employees. If an employer knowingly allows an employee under the influence of drug misuse to continue working and his/her behaviour places the employee or others at risk, they may face prosecution.

 Advantages of having Policies in place

Having well-developed policies and procedures can provide a range of benefits to an organisation. An effectively implemented drug and alcohol policy will ensure a clear understanding within the workplace of the rules relating to drugs and alcohol. It will also provide a greater awareness in workplaces of the effects of drugs and alcohol an consequently early recognition. Furthermore, it ensures that the necessary structures and procedures are in place should a problem arise. An up to date policy will also provide assurance that key staff have been trained to understand the issues involved and have the necessary skills to deal with any problems should they arise.

How can Randox Testing Services help?

At Randox Testing Services we offer a comprehensive consultancy service to help employers create, an effective substance misuse policy. By providing this service we offer practical advice, guidance and support in composing a substance misuse policy.

Our confidential policy review service provides assistance to employers with an existing substance misuse policy. With this service, we help to modify existing documents to ensure it is legally viable and can withstand challenge in court.

For more information on our comprehensive consultancy service, visit our website: or contact us by emailing

To read more on workplace policies and their importance within an organisation, click here.