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Invest in employee health with Randox Health EveryBusiness

Invest in Prevention with Randox Health EveryBusiness

Employee Health and welling strategies are being increasingly introduced by companies. Research in Right Management’s The flux report: Building a resilient workforce in the face of flux, published in February 2014, found that 60% of HR directors recognise that employee health and wellness are key attributes to enabling businesses to achieve their strategic objectives. However, a key problem in the area of health and wellness is that it is often misunderstood. Companies view health and wellness strategies as a firefighting measure; something that is introduced when things go wrong in the company and performance slides.

This view is narrow and to a certain extent wrong. The old saying “Prevention rather than cure” is extremely fitting within these situations. Health and wellbeing should not be about reactive illness management and employers shouldn’t wait until their employees become stressed or ill then seek to cure. Instead they should look at a prevention strategy.

Proactive Health and Wellbeing

Early intervention really does matter. Businesses that spend more time promoting wellbeing and resilience see an upturn in performance, engagement and productivity. If they also use specific data gathering and measurement throughout the year, they can demonstrate the effect of the wellbeing programmes that they’ve implemented and learn what works for them. Health and wellbeing programmes can see an 80% improvement in organisational performance, which is a huge benefit to any business.

In addition, businesses that make a commitment to employee wellbeing can also expect a return in areas such as psychological contract, improved sense of wellbeing, resilience and enhanced positive regard for the employer. Everyone has potential to be healthy, efficient, productive and happy at work. People just need the right support. With an ageing population, it is important that organisations start to recognise this. Read our blog on why to invest in employee health and the benefits.

Randox Health EveryBusiness

Our EveryBusiness corporate service aims to provide a unique health and wellbeing service for your business. EveryBusiness will benefit you and your employees and improve the productivity of your business. Our EveryBusiness service is for employers trying to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees and by doing so benefit from the results of creating a unique health and wellbeing environment.

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Employee Health & Wellbeing

Employee Health & Wellbeing

What’s important to your business?

How highly do you rank employee health and wellbeing within your business? Improving your employee health and wellbeing strategy can help you increase productivity, lower sickness rates and help improve employee morale. The presence of people in poor health at work can be more costly to the business than their absence. Not only if illness is transmitted to other colleagues, but also because ill employees are likely to work less effectively than usual, may be more susceptible to costly mistakes, create lower workplace morale and they take longer to recover from their illness.

In 2017, 131.2 million working days were lost to sickness absence (Office for National Statistics), that’s just over 4 days of sickness per employee within the UK. Giving your employee, a better understanding of their health & wellbeing gives them the opportunity to improve their health and prevent illness. Randox Health understands the importance of improving the health of your workforce. Our mission is to enhance your business by tailoring a health programme to suit your organisational needs.

EveryBusiness: Employee Health & Wellbeing

Our EveryBusiness corporate service aims to provide a unique health and wellbeing service for your business. EveryBusiness will benefit you and your employees and improve the productivity and efficiency of your business. Our service is for employers trying to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees and by doing so they will benefit from the results of creating a unique health and wellbeing environment.

It has been established that investing in employee health can reduce absenteeism, improve job satisfaction, productivity and enhance corporate image. EveryBusiness can be tailored to your business and its structure because of this it can benefit any size of business.We are committed to improving health worldwide through early identification and prevention of disease.  Using our innovative biochip technology, we measure hundreds of biomarkers in the blood, giving unprecedented access to health data.


  • Lower Rates of Sickness & Absence
  • Positive Corporate Image
  • Increased Productivity
  • Lower Staff Turnover
  • Increased Employee Engagement
  • Improved Physical and Mental Health
  • Increased Staff Morale
  • Added Employee Benefit

Client Testimonial

Watch below a testimonial from our EveryBusiness client CMI. Listen to their sales manager Paul Ramm answer some questions about their experience with Randox Health. Visit Randox Health or our new EveryBusiness page here to see more information. Contact a member of our team who can give you a break down of our services and the benefits they will have on your business.





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Introducing the EveryBusiness Offering from Randox Health

Absenteeism has long been a problem in business.  There are a variety of reasons why employees may be absent but one of the most common is illness. Employees lose an average of 30.4 working days a year due to sickness or underperforming at work due to ill health, according to research by VitalityHealth.

Its 2017 Britain’s Healthiest Workplace report, which surveyed 31,950 employees, found that productive working days lost due to physical and mental health issues cost the UK economy approximately £77.5 billion a year.

At Randox Health, we’re aiming to change the statistics and help employees to live healthier for longer. Our innovative health checks can detect disease and irregularity at the earliest stage, allowing lifestyle changes to be made now when potential illness can still be reversed.

Having a healthier workforce, conscious of how their lifestyle choices are affecting them, has been proven to encourage productivity and decrease absenteeism. Poor employee productivity is just as damaging to the workplace economy as absenteeism. One of the main causes of low productivity is poor health.

Take care of your staff with an Everybusiness programme at Randox Health. The gift of health is invaluable and will not only allow employees to enjoy the benefits of the world’s most comprehensive health programme available, but will also save your business time and money.

Our health checks are the most advanced blood screening packages available in the world as we use our patented Biochip Array Technology. Using this technology, hundreds of individual blood tests can be carried out on a single sample, allowing you to have truly unrivalled knowledge about your health both now and in the future.

We specialise in wellbeing, assessing up to 350 elements of your body and allowing early identification of illness before problems develop.

For more information on the EveryBusiness offering from Randox Health, please contact or phone 0800 2545 130.