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02 November 2021

Charlotte Dixon: Covid Scientist and World Indoor Rowing Champion

One of our favourite things about our We Are Randox series of staff interviews is the opportunity we are given to find out about the unique and interesting talents of our colleagues.

From creative bakers to melodious musicians, motivated youth leaders to athletic sportspeople, many of our staff are just as busy outside of the office as they are in it.

Take Covid Scientist Charlotte Dixon for example. During working hours Charlotte spends time in our Covid-19 testing laboratories – reviewing results before they are sent to the patient, helping her team with any issues they face, and compiling performance reports for management – but outside of work she is impressively the World Indoor Rowing Champion in the women’s U23 500m sprint, having beaten experienced competitors from Denmark, Egypt and Europe in the prestigious World Indoor Rowing Championships.

We caught up with Charlotte to find out about her intense training regime, her goals for the future of her rowing career, and her advice for anyone wanting to try a new sport or hobby.

1. Hi Charlotte, can you tell us about your job at Randox and the main responsibilities of the role?

I work in the Covid-19 Labs at the Randox Science Park in Antrim, as a Reviewer for a type of testing called qPCR. As a Reviewer I load plates of samples on to the machines which perform sample analysis to produce a negative or positive COVID result, and then review the results to ensure they are sent out correctly to the patient.

I am also the Shift Lead for my team, for which the main responsibility is to organise the shift and delegate any jobs that need done, ensuring I appropriately deal with any issues that may arise and communicate with the managers to resolve any problems.

2. What does a typical day look like in your role at Randox?

Depending on whether I’m doing a day or night shift, my day starts at 8am or 8pm with a handover meeting with the managers and other shift leads to discuss any points that need to be noted or carried forward from one shift to the next, and then the two labs for which I am a Shift Lead get deep cleaned. The 12 hour shifts normally involve a mixture of test scanning, witnessing and loading plates of samples, as well as reviewing results. Once I have written the shift report, the day/night finishes with a final tidy of the lab and another meeting with the team managing the next shift, to discuss the report and any issues to be passed on.

3. What was your educational / career background to get to this role?

I studied Biomedical Science at Ulster University Coleraine and graduated in 2019. Once graduated I took time out to focus on my equestrian ambitions and during this time I got the opportunity to compete internationally several times. Unfortunately, Covid-19 halted all competitions, but then the chance to work at Randox arose, and I jumped at the opportunity to put my science background to use.

4. What do you enjoy most about the job and what do you find most challenging?

During the pandemic I was grateful that my role in Covid testing meant I was able to play a direct role in the fight against the pandemic. However, I always say the best part about my job is the people I get to work with. I’ve made some amazing friends in this job and they really can make those long night shifts that little bit easier.

5. Tell us a bit about your title of “World Indoor Rowing Champion” – when and how did you receive this accolade?

Finishing University in 2019 I joined my local gym, Gladiator Training, in the aim to get fitter to benefit my horse riding, which I have done since I was little. I signed up to a 12-week indoor rowing programme and things really just went from there. At the end of 2019 I entered the Irish Indoor Rowing Championships for a bit of fun and won 2 races, before going on to place in the British Championships a few weeks later.

In 2020 things were a little different due to Covid restrictions but thankfully Indoor Rowing events could be held virtually. In December I won both the British and European U23 500m Championships, qualifying me for the World Indoor Rowing Championships.

After I qualified for the World’s, I was granted Elite athlete status which allowed me to train with my Coach at the gym even when restrictions meant it wasn’t open to the public. My training was so focused, and it was during this time that I made the most progress and realised how much I appreciate being able to train every day.

The World Indoor Rowing Championships, due to be held in California, was also held virtually due to restrictions. I had the fastest qualifying time going into the race and finished in Gold with a personal best time of 1:31.6 against competitors from across the world.

6. What does your training involve?

I train for 2 hours, 5-6 days a week. This is either at 5am before day shifts, 4pm before night shifts or 9am on days off. Working long hours means I have to be quite flexible with when I do my training, but I’m pretty used to it by now. What I do during training can vary quite a lot and depends on what type of competition I’m prepping for. In preparation for the World Championships, I rowed 2-3 days a week and then did a large amount of weight training on the other days to increase strength and sprint capacity.

7. What’s up next in your indoor rowing career?

Quite a lot of exciting things actually! I am currently preparing for the Irish indoor Rowing Championships held in Limerick on 20th November. This is my first year in the Senior category so I’m excited to try to go for Gold in multiple races. I have also just been accepted onto the British Rowing World Class Start Squad, a programme set up to find and train future Olympians. Rowing on water is something I have never done but I am so excited to give this a shot and see where it takes me!

8. Can you tell us a little bit about your equestrian interests and achievements?

I have been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to ride horses since as long as I can remember. I compete mainly in Eventing, which involves Dressage, Showjumping and Cross-Country – a bit like a triathlon for horses! Over the years I have notched up a few major titles including an U18 International Win, a Senior International Win (at only 19 years old), several other International placings and winning Team Gold at the Student Rider World Finals in Switzerland.

9. How do you juggle your time between work, rowing and equestrianism?

Juggling my time can be a bit difficult. Training on top of 12-hour shifts makes for extremely long days. I am so lucky though that I have an incredible team of people who support me with the horses and keep their fitness regimes up during competition season whilst I’m at work, leaving me to focus on riding them on my 4 days off. Riding and training are easy when they’re so enjoyable and I think that is the secret to juggling everything!

I’m very appreciative of the opportunities I’ve been offered at Randox and how accommodating they have been when it has come to my training schedule and I’m so excited for what the future holds with both my future sporting and working careers!

10. How do you like to relax when you have time in your busy schedule?

I really enjoy training and riding so I rarely feel like I need a ‘break’ from it but when I’m not working I just love going out for dinner to relax. I just enjoy eating lots of nice food.

11. What advice would you give to someone who wanted to try a new sport or hobby, or take one they have already to the next level?

I think whenever you take up a new hobby or sport you may not enjoy it that much at first, as chances are you won’t be very good at it! The key is to persevere and also find people who make it fun. A community of supportive people is the best thing about any sport. If you want to push yourself to the next level you just have to be prepared to work hard and do things that you haven’t done before. That’s how you’re going to make progress at the end of the day.


We are delighted to have Charlotte with us at Randox as part of our COVID-19 testing programme.

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We Are Randox | Armagh GAA forward Stefan Campbell

One of our favourite things about our We Are Randox series of staff interviews is the opportunity we are given to find out about the unique and interesting talents of our colleagues.

From creative bakers to melodious musicians, motivated Girl Guide leaders to athletic sportspeople, many of our staff are just as busy outside of the office as they are in it.

Take Tender Coordinator Stefan Campbell for instance. By day Stefan spends time identifying potential business for the company – conducting local and global searches, collating technical specifications and compiling financial information – but in the evenings and weekends he’s impressively one of the forwards for the Armagh Senior Footballers, a Gaelic Football team that competes at an all-Ireland level.

We caught up with Stefan to find out about his intense training regime, his goals for the future of his GAA career, and of course his advice for the newly-formed Randox GAA team!

Here’s Stefan’s story.

I suppose Gaelic Football has always run through the different generations of my family so it was only natural that I began playing at a young age. My brother John played for our local club Clan Na Gael, so after having played for St. Pauls Lurgan, I then moved to Clan Na Gael where he played. I’ve now been a member there for 16 years.

Our County Club, Armagh, then won their first All-Ireland Championship in 2002, with a team that included two players from Clan Na Gael, and so I was inspired to try out for my county myself. The rest as they say, is history.

I’m currently in my 7th season with the Armagh Senior Footballers, after having played for the U18 and U21 squads. My position is usually full forward, alongside two other team mates, however I do often rotate amongst the total line-up of 6 forwards.

Obviously being a forward I am expected to score in each game, and to give you an idea of figures I have had two games in the last week in which I scored 8 points against Antrim and 3 points against Monaghan. I therefore have to make sure to refine my skills in terms of scoring, passing, and timing of the tackle, but there is also quite a lot of emphasis on just simply working hard and putting in the effort to train, as it is an incredibly physical game. Typically, a county team trains 4 nights a week with 2 sessions being in the gym and 2 on the field, at the Callanbridge facility in Armagh.

I’ve played in the opening 3 games of The Dr McKenna Cup (a Gaelic Football competition between counties and universities in Ulster) thus far, and need to make sure I keep up my training so that I remain in the team for the upcoming matches. There is a lot of pressure coming from other very talented squad members, looking for their opportunity to impress, so I have to be on top form.

In the short-term, we have The Dr McKenna Cup Final against Tyrone this Saturday (in which I’m obviously hoping for a win!) and in the longer term I’m really hoping I can win an Armagh Championship with Clan Na Gael. I would also love to secure an Ulster Championship win with Armagh, which is a title I’m still searching for, even though I won the Railway Cup in 2017 playing for Ulster.

The Railway Cup is an annual tournament steeped in history, as it dates back as far as 1927. There is such a large pool of players to choose from when forming an Ulster team, so I know my family was very proud when I was selected, and even more so when we went on to defeat Connaught in the final. I loved the opportunity to play alongside teammates I’m usually competing against.

Another highlight of my GAA career was when I played Gaelic Football in New York, over the course of two summers. Although GAA is an Irish organisation, Gaelic Football is played all over the world in countries such as Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia and the USA, albeit at a lower level than it is played back home. Local players are poached and asked if they would be interested in playing for a particular team in the summer, while they set you up with a job and accommodation. In 2015 I was asked to play for Kerry New York and in 2017 for Westmeath New York, and I found the temptation to spend 3 months abroad, basically free of charge, too good to turn down.

For the record though, GAA is an amateur organisation and therefore as players we don’t get paid to do what we do. Don’t get me wrong, it has its perks, like the unique opportunity to play live on Sky or on the BBC, but ultimately, we play for the love of the sport, while representing our families and communities.  It’s this passion that drives me each week to train consistently and improve my skills, even after a day’s work at the Randox office. I do often have long days during which I leave work, go straight to training, and arrive home at about 10.45pm, but it’s something I’m used to and prepare for accordingly. I will say though that it’s extremely difficult to get out of bed on Mondays having played a game the previous day!

As luck will have it, joining Randox means that I now have the opportunity to bring my two careers together, as the company has recently established its own GAA team, which recently competed in the FinTru Ulster Inter-Firms Competition. I don’t see any reason, that with a bit of luck, and the experience we now have from last year, why we can’t get bigger and better and reach this year’s final.

My advice would be to get the squad together as often as our other commitments will allow, to give us more time to polish up our skills, but also, importantly, to become more familiar with our teammates from other departments. I have often found that the most successful teams are not always the most talented, but those with a tighter bond – as they understand their fellow players, can anticipate their game play, and are willing to work that bit harder for one another.

For more We Are Randox stories about our amazing colleagues, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and follow the hashtag #WeAreRandox.

For further information please contact Randox PR by emailing randoxpr@randox.com 




We Are Randox | Match Report from FinTrU Ulster GAA Inter-Firms Junior Men’s Competition

On Saturday 17th November 2018, hot on the heels of the Randox GAA Ladies team’s glorious competition début, our Men’s team took to the field at the Tyrone GAA Centre of Excellence, to compete in the Junior Men’s category of the FinTrU Ulster GAA Football Inter-Firms competition.

With our Ladies team having successfully reached the Semi-Finals of the competition the week prior, the pressure was on!

The two Randox Men’s teams were pooled in separate groups with strong opposition in both. Randox Team One faced a tough task with FinTru, Citi and South West College, whilst the second Randox Team were pitted against the GAA Store, Premier Electric and Belfast Lawyers.

Our Randox teams battled hard during this group stage and thanks to a creative team effort as well as some fantastic individual performances, they both made it to the knockout stages of the competition and into the quarter finals. Unfortunately though, the effort put in to make it out of the group stages had claimed a few key players to injury, which left the remaining men with a near impossible task ahead of them in the next stage of the competition

Team One was drawn against FinTru and Team Two against Belfast Lawyers. Regrettably, on the day both teams came out on the wrong side of the results in very competitive games against very experienced and seasoned teams.

John James Fallon, Randox Electrical Engineer and GAA Bainisteoir / Coach, commented;

“As newly-formed teams, who prior to the Inter-Firms competition had never played together before, both the men and ladies should be extremely proud. Fielding players who ranged from experienced to novice, and with only 5 weeks training, to have reached the quarter-finals and semi-finals of our respective categories has been exceptional.

“On behalf of the organising committee I would like to say thank you to Randox and Dr FitzGerald for their assistance in getting the team started, and to St James GAC Aldergrove for the use of their facilities and equipment over the course of the training sessions, as without their help this would not have been possible. Finally, a huge thank you has to go to the participants themselves, as without you there is no Randox GAA club. I’m looking forward to our next season together already.

“This is just the beginning.”

On behalf of everyone at Randox we would like to wish both our Ladies GAA Team and our two Men’s GAA teams a massive congratulations on their impressive performances at the FinTrU Ulster GAA Football Inter-Firms competition.

Their commitment, perseverance and teamwork has been truly inspiring and we are very proud of how they came together to form three very capable and motivated GAA teams. Well done!

For further information on our Randox GAA teams, please email johnjames.fallon@randox.com







Randox and Ulster University team up to support athletes of the future

Randox has joined forces with Ulster University in a major university-wide sports sponsorship deal.

The investment will supply kit and equipment for 70 sports clubs across the university including basketball, GAA, hockey and soccer. Randox will also be the main sponsor of the Freshers Fayres across the four Ulster University campuses and the universities Colours Sports Awards.

Professor Alastair Adair Deputy Vice-Chancellor Ulster University said:

“Ulster University and Randox enjoy a longstanding partnership built around research, knowledge sharing, collaboration and student opportunity which reflects the leadership of both organisations in diagnostics and health research globally. We are very encouraged that one of our valued industry partners is now supporting us as we work to develop our students striving for success in the sporting world.”

Nigel Dobson, Head of Sport Services, Ulster University said:

“Ulster University is recognised as a leading university for sport on the island of Ireland, from our sporting successes to our academic excellence and world-leading research in physical activity and exercise science. This major sponsorship deal will enable us to invest in young and aspiring coaches by providing mentoring support and coach education opportunities for the coaches of the future. We look forward to working with the team at Randox as we enable the next generation of sporting stars to reach their full potential.”  

Lyndsay Rodgerson Senior Recruitment Consultant, Randox Laboratories, said: 

“We have worked closely with Ulster University for many years, enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship that has seen the development of a diverse range of industrial-academic opportunities.

“Our successful and ongoing partnership continues to evolve and this year alone has seen a Randox-sponsored GAA tour of China, the launch of the Randox-Ulster University-Industrial PhD Academy and the adoption of Ulster University’s Mind Your Mood initiative as Randox’s official charity partner. We are delighted that our collaboration with this renowned university has now grown to include a university-wide sports sponsorship which will continue to benefit students long in to the future.

“Randox is passionate about fostering talent – whether that be in sport or science – and about promoting health and wellbeing across the age spectrum, and we see the sponsorship as a brilliant opportunity to nurture the young sporting talents of Northern Ireland. There may be players amongst the ranks of Ulster University’s sports teams who join Randox as part of their placement year, or who take up a graduate position with us in the years to come, and we look forward to supporting these students as they thrive in both the sporting and academic spheres.”

For more information about the Randox – Ulster University partnership, please contact the Randox PR team by emailing randoxpr@randox.com




Randox Teoranta announce fourth year of WAAR sponsorship

Randox are proud to announce that Randox Teoranta, for the fourth year running, is the main sponsor for WAAR 2018, an event which places mental wellbeing at its core. Launched at the weekend, on Friday 23rd February 2018, this year’s Wild Atlantic Adventure Race promises to deliver an incredible display of stamina, strength and perseverance as outdoor pursuit enthusiasts once again brave the elements to complete the demanding 55.5km course or 39km sprint.

The full Wild Atlantic Adventure Race (WAAR) features a 10km run, 42.5km cycle, 2km hike and 1km kayak, starting and finishing at CLG Naomh Muire, The Banks, Mullaghderg, Co. Donegal on Saturday 12th May 2018. Set along one of the most beautiful natural coastlines in the world, the west coast will once again play host to one of the most challenging yet enjoyable races, featuring both novice and elite individuals, as well as several relay teams.

This year, fundraising efforts will be donated to CLG Naomh Muire. Launching the event was best-selling author and TV personality Majella O’Donnell who overcame breast cancer in 2013.

Hailing from Co. Tipperary and married to Irish country music legend Daniel O’Donnell, Majella became iconic in her own right when she shaved her head live on The Late Late Show in 2013, raising €600,000 for The Irish Cancer Society. Majella also documented her life story in her book ‘It’s All in the Head.’ The book’s moving tale quickly became a number one Irish best-seller and 2014 Irish Book Award-winner.

Majella’s own force of character and deep-seated determination makes her a worthy representative to launch WAAR 2018, an endurance race that will test the physical and mental stamina of participants to their limits.

Dr. Ciaran Richardson, Head of Research & Development at Randox Teoranta in Dungloe, said:

“We are delighted to, once again, partner with WAAR. The event is a real test of physical wellbeing and here at Randox, we take our on-going work to promote positive physical and mental health very seriously. In the last few years, our labs in Dungloe have led the way in world-leading diagnostic research in a wide range of areas including Alzheimer’s disease, kidney disease, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders and stroke.

The WAAR launch was a great success and we look forward to the exciting event in May. We encourage as many people as possible to get involved as it’s sure to be another thrilling event for both entrants and spectators alike.”

For further information please contact the Randox PR Team: phone 028 9442 2413 or email randoxpr@randox.com 



Ulster GAA team embark on Randox-sponsored tour of China

Ulster University’s GAA team departs on a historic two week tour of China this weekend as part of the university’s wider programme of engagement in key international markets, sponsored by Randox.

Following a reception with the Lord Mayor of Belfast earlier in the week, the 25-strong team will leave Belfast on Saturday morning for the two week cultural exchange that aims to develop and enhance links with a number of Chinese academic institutions.

The trip is being sponsored by Randox and facilitated by the university’s Confucius Institute.

The team is spending a week in Beijing before heading to Wuhan and Huangshi City to play several games as part of an extensive tour promoting sporting excellence at Ulster University, in particular Gaelic Games.

Professor Ian Montgomery, Pro-Vice Chancellor of Ulster University, said:

“Gaelic games are of increasing interest to the Chinese people and there is a strong appetite to learn about the various sports, and replicate key tactics and the strong cultural identity which Ulster University’s GAA team has developed over many decades.”

“We’ll be playing several GAA teams, including a talented Beijing team, and sharing knowledge with the coaches on how to improve the players’ game and training regimes. When we get to Wuhan and Huangshi City, we’ll be taking Chinese language classes, learning martial arts and trying our hand at authentic Chinese cooking.” 

For many of the students, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel across the world to an important global market. As well as promoting sporting excellence and acting as ambassadors for the University and Northern Ireland, they will be instrumental in helping the University and Randox build stronger relationships with new and existing partners.

Dr Peter FitzGerald, founder of Randox, said:

“We are pleased to support Ulster University’s Gaelic team as they embark on a very exciting tour of China. It is one of our most important markets, as we have been exporting to China since 1992 and we have had an established presence in the region for several years. This is a brilliant opportunity for our partnership with Ulster University to profile some of the young sporting talents of Northern Ireland and to strengthen key business relationships in an important market.”

For further information about the Randox-sponsored GAA tour, please contact Randox PR by phoning 028 9445 1016 or emailing RandoxPR@randox.com

Ulster GAA team sponsored by Randox bringing sporting excellence to China

Ulster University’s GAA team is preparing to travel to China on an historic tour of the country as part of the university’s wider programme of engagement in key international markets.

The trip, which will be sponsored by Crumlin-based diagnostics firm Randox, will see a 35 strong team depart on 28 October for a two week cultural exchange that aims to develop and enhance links with a number of Chinese academic institutions.

The team will travel to Beijing, Wuhan, and Huangshi City and play several games as part of an extensive tour promoting sporting excellence at Ulster University and Gaelic Games in particular.

Professor Ian Montgomery, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Global Engagement at Ulster University said:

“GAA is of increasing interest to the Chinese people and there is a strong appetite to learn about the various sports, key tactics and the strong cultural identity which Ulster University’s GAA team has developed over many decades. This tour, supported by Randox, will give our team the opportunity to showcase Gaelic football and hurling to a vast audience which is interested to learn more and experience a game first-hand through a number of Gaelic Games masterclasses.”

“As an internationally focused university it is important to continually build new partnerships in this vast market and further enhance existing linkages. From research collaborations with some of China’s top universities to our role as home to the Confucius Institute and Confucius classrooms initiative in Northern Ireland, China remains a significant market with clear potential for growth. We look forward to building on our work in this region and meeting new connections as part of the tour.”

Dr Peter FitzGerald, founder of Randox, said:

“We are pleased to support Ulster University’s Gaelic team as they embark on a very exciting tour of China. It is one of our most important markets, as we have been exporting to China since 1992 and we have had an established presence in the region for several years. This is a brilliant opportunity for our partnership with Ulster University to profile some of the young sporting talents of Northern Ireland and to strengthen key business relationships in an important market.”

For further information about the Randox-sponsored GAA tour, please contact Randox PR by phoning 028 9445 1016 or emailing RandoxPR@randox.com

Randox Polo Tournament returns to Bushmills

Hot off the heels of its first ever Randox Health Grand National, global healthcare company Randox returned this weekend to Bushmills to again host its International Polo Tournament. Renowned polo players from across the world joined the founder of the Co Antrim-based firm, Dr Peter FitzGerald, to play in the coastal town.

Following a successful event last year, which was the first of its kind held in Northern Ireland, the 2017 Randox Polo hosted almost 450 guests, including Lord-Lieutenant of County Antrim, Mrs. Joan Christie OBE, and Mayor of the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council, Joan Baird, who delivered the match ball of the first polo game. Former Miss Northern Ireland and fitness blogger Tiffany Brien, added a touch of glamour to the event.

On display was the company’s latest venture – the Randox Health Mobile Clinic. The unveiling of the bespoke Mercedez-Benz vehicle marks a departure from traditional models of healthcare provision, as the company’s advanced health screening programmes are now available to people anywhere in the country, using its travelling team of trained scientists and phlebotomists.

It was a victory for the Randox team in their first game of the tournament, as they went head-to-head with Scotland, but it was the Republic of Ireland team who emerged winners of the International Polo Tournament when they scored more goals than Team Randox in the final match of the day.

Randox, a recognised supporter of the arts, launched the weekend with a performance from Camerata Ireland Cameratino, an ensemble composed of  acclaimed Irish flautist Eimear McGeown, and a String Trio including Violinist Sarah Sew, Violist Nathan Sherman and Celloist Gerald Peregrine, in Dundarave Estate.

The musical element continued on Saturday with a Beating of the Retreat by the Royal Irish Regimental Band, including the highly popular “Highland Cathedral,” and a unique version of “Run” by Snow Patrol.

Local Bushmills residents weren’t put off by the wet conditions, and turned out to watch both the polo tournament, and the fireworks display which rounded off the event.

Randox Founder and Managing Director, Dr. Peter FitzGerald, a keen horseman who played in the polo tournament, commented;

“Given that our inaugural tournament in 2016 received such positive feedback from the Bushmills community, we are delighted to have been able to once again bring the event to the beautiful North Coast and its residents, and to bring the Randox Health message to our Polo guests.  By prioritising your health and wellbeing you can make the most of life’s special moments and occasions – like this great polo tournament.

“We’re very lucky that the resilient spirits of the local Bushmills community weren’t dampened by the rain, and everyone was able to enjoy a wonderful afternoon together on the beautiful north coast.”

For more information about the Randox Polo Tournament in Bushmills contact the Randox PR team: Call 028 9442 2413 or email randoxpr@randox.com

Grand National sponsor Randox hosts polo event in Scotland

Returning to the home of 2017 Randox Health Grand National winner One For Arthur, the sponsor of the world’s greatest horse race is hosting an international polo tournament in the heart of Scotland this weekend.

Not only is Scotland known for some of the biggest names in horse racing but the country, which was this week voted by tourists as the most beautiful country in the world, also hosts an impressive polo scene – Randox has been hosting international polo tournaments there for over 15 years. This year the global healthcare company is hosting internationally renowned polo players from countries including Argentina and South Africa at Errol Park in Perthshire, where teams will play in front of hundreds of spectators.

In celebration of Scotland’s rich equestrian heritage and talent, guests of honour at this year’s Randox Polo will include the winning trainer from this year’s Randox Health Grand National, Lucinda Russell, and ‘Golf Widow’ Belinda McClung.

Randox Founder and Managing Director, Dr. Peter FitzGerald, who is himself taking part in the Randox Polo Tournament, commented;

“There are few sports that come close to the speed of the action and the thrill of the chase in a competitive polo match, but there is one that springs to mind.  Winning the Randox Health Grand National, the world’s most famous horse race, is achieved by only the very best in this field, and I am delighted that five months after I handed over the trophy, the winning trainer and owner, Lucinda Russell and Belinda McClung, are joining us in Perthshire at our international polo tournament.  It is through events like these that we are able to share our Randox Health message with the public, and by taking care of our health we are able to make the most of life’s special moments and occasions.”

Unveiled at this weekend’s Randox Polo tournament will be the health firm’s first Mobile Health Clinic, designed to meet the increasing demand for the healthcare service which has stemmed from the sponsorship of the Randox Health Grand National, and to make the world’s most advanced and personalised health check accessible to all.

Dr. FitzGerald continued;

“Our new mobile services marks a departure from traditional models of healthcare provision and is in line with our passion for innovation.  We’re delighted to be able to offer guests to our polo event our unique Randox Health technology, so that anyone who wants to take their health into their own hands, can do so.”

Please contact Randox PR for more information: Call 028 9442 2413 or email randoxpr@randox.com

We Are Randox | Jonathan Acheson, Physiotherapist to the stars

It’s not every day you get to meet a celebrity.  Whether it’s an actor, comedian, model or sporting legend, we all secretly hope that the time will come when we can get to meet our idols!

But what if you were able to work, travel and play alongside your role models every week?

That’s exactly what our Randox Health Corporate Relations Manager, Jonny Acheson does.

Jonny has worked with some of the biggest names in the Northern Irish sporting industry – providing physiotherapy and sports massages to rugby players including Stephen Ferris and Ruan Pienaar!

Read Jonny’s story below.

I went to school at Belfast Royal Academy and played rugby all through my teens. Then I went on to study Physiotherapy at the University of Ulster in Jordanstown, from which I graduated in 2012.

I had a part time job in B&Q during university and so worked my way up in there whilst studying for my degree, all the while playing rugby for my university of course!

It seemed like a natural progression to work my way through the B&Q ranks while I was there, and so when I qualified, I got promoted to Project Manager for B&Q Ireland, working from our Dublin office. It was a fantastic experience to be able to develop my people management skills, but working in the health industry was really where I wanted to be, because physiotherapy and rugby were my passion.

I was therefore delighted to have been offered the opportunity to meet the head of 352 Healthcare, to become the outpatient physiotherapist for the 352 Group. I was responsible for setting up and running the outpatient physio department – a job which I did for 2 years whilst also doing other part time physio work in sports.

For some time I worked with Ulster Rugby as a sports massage therapist, after having volunteered one afternoon a week for a couple of months. That summer I got to go away on their pre-season trip to Bayonne in south France for the week. 

There’s one story from that trip that I will always remember.  After the game against Bayonne, the players, coaches and I were all walking down from the changing rooms to the players’ lounge for a meal and a load of fans had waited behind to get autographs.

 I was walking behind Stephen Ferris and Ruan Pienaar and they started signing autographs for their fans.  All of a sudden one supporter was asking me to sign his flag, thinking that I was one of the Ulster rugby players.

I had a moment’s pause while I tried to pull together in my head an explanation in French that I didn’t actually play for the team!

After deciding that my French wasn’t good enough to explain this I thought that it might just be easier to sign… so there were about 20 french fans who thought they were getting all the Ulster rugby stars names, but actually ended up with the lesser-known Jonny Acheson scrawled across their Bayonne flags! I did however write my name in my best and neatest handwriting.

I was also the physio for the Irish Deaf Football Team in the Deaf European Championships in Hannover in Germany, and in the Deaf Olympics in Sofia in Bulgaria, and for the Ulster Deaf Football Team.

I learnt a lot from my dual role in 352 Healthcare and sports physiotherapy, but most importantly that I wanted to be able to bring my sports and health background to a sales and business development position. Therefore the position of Corporate Relations Manager at Randox Health seemed like the perfect fit.

Having an understating of anatomy and the physiology of the body is invaluable when explaining our health programmes to clients. My physio background has also opened several doors that have allowed me to continually grow my contact network.

I continue to do physiotherapy for Randalstown Rugby Club part time, in addition to my role here at Randox. I also play for the Randox Rugby team.

I’ve been asked by a few other local teams to come back and play for them again next season, but I’m still undecided.  Unfortunately I had 5 fractures and a ruptured ligament from a rugby injury a few years back which restricted my playing.  I had 2 plates and several screws inserted to try and fix the breaks and rupture, but when I had these taken out a year later, I was left with part of a screw that had broken off and was too difficult to remove!

So it might be quite some time before I’m back to playing full time. If only I knew a sports physiotherapist…

We are committed to improving healthcare worldwide and every member of our team plays an integral role in helping us to realise our vision.  We are therefore very lucky that Jonny has brought his experience and anatomical expertise to his role in Randox Health. 

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