Randox Laboratories and Roquefort Therapeutics Collaborate to Develop Midkine Cancer Antibodies

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Randox Laboratories and Roquefort Therapeutics Collaborate to Develop Midkine Cancer Antibodies

Randox and Roquefort Therapeutics collaborate to develop midkine cancer antibodies

Randox Laboratories collaborate with Roquefort Therapeutics, an LSE market listed biotech company, dedicated to developing first in class medicines in the high value, high growth oncology market. The partnership is focused on the field of medical diagnostics only, in relation to Roquefort’s Midkine antibody portfolio.

The collaboration Randox will allow to utilise Roquefort’s Midkine antibodies in the field of medical diagnostics. Randox will therefore engage with Roquefort in research programmes to identify new cancer diagnostics that will be treatable with the companies Midkine products.

Why this partnership is important?

Midkine is a herapin binding protein, known for being important in embryonic development. While normally undetected in healthy adults, it is often highly expressed in cancer, inflammatory conditions and autoimmune disorders. Extensive research has revealed that blocking Midkine with antibodies can help slow tumour growth, reduce metastasis and overcome treatment resistance.

Within the partnership, Randox focuses on medical diagnostics to detect cancers expressing Midkine, produce the diagnostics essential for clinical trials and help Roquefort Therapeutics remain focused on developing first in class oncology medicines.

Randox are highly committed to preventative healthcare through early and more accurate diagnostics therefore this partnership with Roquefort Therapeutics is vitally important. Early diagnosis significantly increases a patient’s chance of survival thus using medical diagnostics to identify patients with cancer expressing Midkine is essential to the development of first-in-class cancer medicines and the future of cancer treatments.

When talking about the partnership, Dr Peter Fitzgerald, Managing Director of Randox said

Randox are committed to the promotion of preventative healthcare through early, more accurate diagnosis, and we are delighted to partner with Roquefort to utilise their Midkine antibodies in our comprehensive suite of diagnostics capabilities. Midkine is highly expressed in cancer and by enabling earlier diagnosis of patients we can help improve both quality of life and the clinical outcome” 


About Roquefort Therapeutics

Roquefort Therapeutics is a cancer focused biotech company developing first in class drugs in the high value and high growth oncology segment prior to partnering or selling to big pharma. Since listing in March 2021, Roquefort successfully acquired Lyramid Pty Ltd, a leader in the development of medicines for a new therapeutic target, Midkine and has since developed a leadership position in Midkine intellectual property.

Roquefort Therapeutics’ focused portfolio consists of four fully funded, novel patent protected, pre-clinical, anti-cancer medicines that include:

  • Midkine antibodies with significant in vivo efficacy and toxicology studies
  • Midkine RNA therapeutics with novel anti-cancer gene editing action
  • MK cell therapy with direct NK-mediate anti-cancer action and
  • SiRNA targeting novel STAT-6 target in solid tumour showing significant in VIVO efficacy.

For more information, please contact market@randox.com

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