Vivalytic: The all-in-one solution for Molecular Diagnostics

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Vivalytic: The all-in-one solution for Molecular Diagnostics

A game-changing partnership between Randox Laboratories and Bosch is changing the accessibility to molecular diagnostics with the launch of a revolutionary product – the innovative platform Vivalytic.

Using Randox-patented Biochip Array Technology, it is the easiest-to-use and most-comprehensive multiplex PCR platform on the market. It provides the broadest range of test options ever seen for an analyser of its size, and also supports single-plex and low-plex testing, simplifying the processes for otherwise-complex laboratory test procedures. Depending on the test application, results will be delivered from 30 minutes.

Biochip Array Technology, developed by Randox Laboratories, is the innovative multiplexing technology which is utilised within the cartridge aspect of the platform. The Biochip allows for the simultaneous detection of multiple analytes from a single sample.

The new platform will be initially released with two molecular arrays available including Respiratory Tract Infection and Sexually Transmitted Infection with other tests to follow.

The Vivalytic is the perfect fit for any laboratory with numerous benefits to enhance your laboratories testing capabilities.


Hygienic and space saving

No other peripherals such as laptop, keyboard, barcode scanner or filling stations are required. This makes Vivalytic a hygienic and space-saving all-in-one solution.


Direct and clear results

The test result is presented clearly in a summary, but also details on the raw data of each individual measurement can be displayed.


Protected system

The Vivalytic integrates the software with the instrument to ensure a safe and reliable run. This is the ultimate protection of the data and the valuable sample material.


Networked and combinable

Easy integration with popular standard IT systems makes test results instantly available. An analyser device can be networked and combined with several other devices so that multiple series of tests can be performed simultaneously. All devices are based on the same hardware and software, so that the product family can be expanded quickly and without major development effort.


28th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Randox Laboratories will be attending the 28th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infections from the 21st – 24th April 2018.


Our innovative diagnostic solutions have been developed with consolidation and economy in mind, providing cost savings whilst using pioneering technology.


Diagnostics is our passion. We are dedicated to developing solutions that not only meet your needs, but are of the highest quality, the most reliable and the most cost-effective. We look forward to meeting you in Madrid at IFEMA – Feria de Madrid to launch the Vivalytic at our stand 55A.


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