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Open Day at Randox Teoranta!

We are hosting an open day at Randox Teoranta!

We are delighted to invite you to our careers open day at Randox Teoranta, which will take place on Saturday 8th April from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

This is a fantastic opportunity to discover more about our innovative medical diagnostic technologies and products, as well as to learn about the exciting career opportunities available within our state-of-the-art facility located in Dungloe, Co. Donegal, F94 TV06.

We are Recruiting for these exciting opportunities:

– Engineering Roles

– Scientific Roles

– Manufacturing Roles

– Admin/Support Roles

Come in and see the facility and discuss job opportunities directly with staff. Tea, coffee and traybakes will be available in the morning as well as the chance to win our Easter basket!

Why work at Randox Teoranta?

At Randox Teoranta, we take great pride in fostering a strong company culture that emphasises teamwork, collaboration, and support. We believe that our success is due in large part to the dedicated and motivated individuals who make up our team. Our employees aren’t just colleagues, they’re part of our family. We encourage open communication, provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, and celebrate the achievements of our team members.

Company Culture

Learning Opportunities

At Randox, we offer extensive opportunities for learning and development in various fields such as business, science, design, technology, and engineering. Our fast-paced and forward-thinking work culture values fresh and innovative ideas that can ultimately transform healthcare and save lives.

Whether you’re a full-time employee or a student, Randox Laboratories is a great place to grow and advance in your career. Our highly active placement programs for 1st and 2nd year students in every sector provide 50+ positions each year!

Joining Randox can demonstrate your ambition and enhance your career prospects across various industries worldwide. Your CV is a critical aspect of your job search, and having worked for a reputable brand like Randox will undoubtedly set you apart from the competition.

Globally Respected Brand

Randox celebrates British Science Week 2017

Randox celebrates British Science Week 2017


Last week was British Science Week 2017, an annual campaign that aims to inspire innovation and celebrate science. To mark the occasion, Randox Laboratories got involved by celebrating the innovation of each Randox product group. The product groups within Randox shared a series of posts, videos and blogs showcasing the #ScienceBehindRandox throughout British Science Week.


To initiate the Randox British Science Week campaign, Randox shared this video, which highlights the company’s dedication to improving health worldwide. The video provides an introduction about each product group, however throughout British Science Week, each product group has gone into further detail about the #ScienceBehindRandox.

Randox Careers, the RX series, Randox Reagents, Randox Quality Control, Randox Toxicology, Randox Biosciences, Randox Testing Services, & Randox Food Diagnostics all got involved in the British Science Week Campaign. You can read a snippet of each product groups post below, with videos and links to the full content also provided. We hope you enjoy learning about the #ScienceBehindRandox.

Randox – Dedicated to improving health wordwide.

Randox Careers

Joanne Darragh spent some time with Randox Careers to discuss her role as R&D Toxicology Manager.

“Working in this area has been both challenging and exciting as we are at the cutting edge of assay development.  We work in a great team and we work along very closely alongside other departments such as Marketing & Sales so that we are in close contact with what the customer needs, which means we are producing relevant tests very quickly and effectively.  Every day brings a new challenge.”

– Joanne Darragh, R&D Toxicology Manager

Listen to what Joanne had to say on the video above

Randox RX series

As part of British Science Week, the RX series caught up with Daniel Melly, one of our very talented Mechanical Design Engineers based in Randox Teoranta in Dungloe, Ireland.

Daniel was an integral part of the team involved in the design of our new semi-automated analyser, the RX misano. The RX series asked Daniel a few questions about why Randox created this analyser, the design process involved in creating such a unique system, and what his favourite features are.

Randox set out in creating the RX misano with the philosophy of supplying the customer with a more modern, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing analyser than those that are currently available on the market. Robust part selection was always at the fore of any design decisions, and we feel that we have delivered on all of these requirements.” 

– Daniel Melly, Randox Mechanical Design Engineer

Read the full interview the RX series had with Daniel here

The RX misano is currently unavailable to purchase in Germany

Randox Reagents

One unique test by Randox, adiponectin, is becoming an increasingly significant biomarker for health professionals. Low levels have been linked with several illnesses including metabolic syndrome, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

What is adiponectin?

Adiponectin is a protein hormone produced and secreted by fat cells called adipose tissue. Adiponectin is normally found in relatively high concentrations in healthy individuals. Its role in the body is to regulate the metabolism of lipids and glucose, which influences the body’s response to insulin and inflammation.

At Randox, our R&D Scientists are helping to change healthcare. By investing heavily into research and development to develop unique diagnostics tests, such as the adiponectin test, Randox provide doctors with the ability to identify disease risk sooner- offering the opportunity to prevent illness, rather than the need to find a cure.


Read the full Randox Reagents blog entry here

Randox Quality Control

One Simple Change to Randox Quality Control can save your laboratory time and money.

Randox Quality Control are a world leading manufacturer of true third party controls with over 390 analytes covering Antioxidants,  Blood Gas, Cardiac Markers, Routine Chemistry, Coagulation, Haematology, Diabetes, Immunoassay, Immunology, Lipids, POCT, Therapeutic Drugs, Toxicology and Urine Chemistry, providing complete test menu consolidation. Randox Quality Control produces the most consistent material available with the most accurate target values.

Randox Quality Control guarantee to simplify QC practice in any laboratory, just ask one of their 60,000 users worldwide.

Find out more information about Randox Quality Control in the video above

Randox Toxicology

Randox Toxicology provides trusted solutions for the screening for drugs of abuse. With significant reinvestment in Research and Development, we persistently stay ahead of this ever challenging market.  Being the first to develop New Psychoactive Substances tests such as fentanyl, bath salts and flakka allows us to maintain our position as a global leader.

Our pioneering technology has created a number of advancements in the field of toxicology. In particular, our patented Biochip Array Technology which can simultaneously screen from a multi-analyte testing platform, achieving a complete immunoassay profile from the initial screening phase.

Read the full Randox Toxicology blog post here

Randox Biosciences

During British Science Week, we are delighted to introduce you to our latest development utilising this technology; our Gastropanel Array,* a multiplex test engineered to diagnose those at risk of developing peptic ulcers and gastric cancer using non-invasive methods.

Our Gastropanel Array encompasses two quantitative assays, a H. pylori assay  for the detection of antibodies produced in response to a H. pylori infection, a common cause of gastric cancer1 as well as a 3plex Gastropanel assay, for the detection of pepsinogen I (PGI), pepsinogen II (PGII) and gastrin 17 (G17).

Currently recorded as the world’s 5th most common cancer, the majority of gastric cancer cases are diagnosed after presenting as an emergency, when treatment may be less effective due to the cancer being at an advanced stage, highlighting the need for the availability of diagnostics tests like our Gastropanel Array to enable practitioners to administer prompt treatment and ultimately increase survival rates on a global scale.

Read the full Randox Biosciences blog here

Randox Testing Services

Randox Testing Services have shown how they are at the forefront of continually reacting and developing tests for NPS. NPS (formerley known as Legal Highs) have had devastating effects on users since emerging in the UK in 2008. These substances are highly dangerous and have caused unnecessary deaths. This is due to the effects from different elements used in production. Legislation concerning the substances changed in 2016 with the implementation of the Psychoactive Substance Act.

How have Randox Testing Services implemented change? Find out in the video above

Randox Food Diagnostics

Of the 41 antibiotics that are approved for use in food-producing animals by the FDA, 31 are medically important for human health. Randox Food Diagnostics provides advanced screening solutions for 94% of these antibiotics including beta-lactams, quinolones and tetracyclines, allowing you to ensure the integrity of your end product without compromising quality. Randox Food provides multiplex screening solutions validated across a range of matrices including urine, serum, tissue, milk, honey and feed.

The Evidence Investigator matched with Biochip Array Technology (BAT) provide the end user with fast, reliable results to aid in ensuring your produce is antibiotic free. BAT provides a platform for the simultaneous determination of multiple drug residues from a single sample using miniaturised immunoassays with implications in the reduction of sample/reagent consumption and an increase in the output of test results. 

To read Randox Food Diagnostics full blog click here

We hope you enjoyed our informative British Science Week content from each of our Product Groups.

Look out for our Quiz later this week to test your knowledge on the #ScienceBehindRandox

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Careers Tips | Have More Happy Mondays

Do you feel like you lack a little motivation? Fall back in love with your work this Monday with Randox Careers!

Even if you’re in love with your day job, we all get a little deflated sometimes! Staying positive is one of the most imperative keys to success. As Will Henry once said, “The wishbone will never replace the backbone.” Success means staying strong and working hard, and here’s Randox Careers’ top tips to staying motivated on the path to achieving your goals, even on Mondays!

1. Make Lists

Start the day by making a list of everything you want to achieve in your day ahead. Add to the list as the day goes on, and carry over anything you don’t finish. This will help you organise your thoughts, which can often make multitasking look less daunting. With lists, you can visualise your workload and feel satisfied as you tick tasks off as they’re completed!

2. Bounce Ideas

Don’t be afraid to share your ideas! Bouncing ideas off of other colleagues, have meetings, get lunch together to discuss the topic, don’t be afraid of constructive criticism. Other colleagues may be able to use their expertise to help guide you in the right direction, and add fresh perspectives to your creative thinking process

3. Breaking Your Tasks Up

Breaking your tasks up into smaller, bite-sized fragments can make your goals seem more achievable, and make you feel that little bit closer to success. Switching between these smaller tasks can also help lift a feeling of monotony and give you more variety in your work. Keeping it fresh means you might have new, creative ideas on how to approach things after you’ve stepped back. Often we see things a little bit differently from a new perspective!

4. Exercise Before Work

Wake up an hour early, and go for a jog or practice some yoga before work. Getting your blood pumping can give you a morning release of happy endorphins and get you mentally ready for the day ahead! Yoga is also notorious for mind-cleansing, helping you to clear your thoughts of all negative worries. Don’t fancy exercising before dawn? Try giving yourself more time to get ready in the morning. By doing this, you can ensure you eat a full, wholesome breakfast. Giving yourself some me-time can help prepare you for the day ahead just as well!

5. Set Your 3, 5, and 10 Year Goals

Set your goals and work towards them! Write these goals in e-mails and schedule them to be sent to yourself in 3, 5 and 10 year’s time! These can be little things, like learning another language, or bigger things like buying your first car. Make sure these goals are achievable though, as unobtainable goals can demotivate anyone.

6. Happy Positive Reinforcements!

Have you got a favourite motivational quote? Maybe it’s Theodore Roosevelt’s “Believe you can and you’re halfway there” or George Addair’s “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” Whatever your favourite motivational quote is, embrace it! Set is as your wallpaper on your phone or laptop, write it on a sticky note and place it on the wall, you could even buy a professional print online and frame it! Don’t forget to congratulate yourself, and take pride in your work. Use your mantra to keep you going and don’t forget to look back and admire your own tenacity!

7. Take a Break!

Lastly, don’t forget to rest! Let yourself relax for 5 minutes, take a walk and stretch your legs, or sit in the sun for a little while to clear your mind. You could, alternatively, clear your mind by de-cluttering your desk. Take 10 minutes to reorganise your feng-shui. Often, resetting your mind and clearing your work area can help you see answers and solutions more easily.
Follow these 7 simple steps, and you’ll be sure to have a skip in your step every Monday morning. Best of luck with the week ahead, and happy Monday!
For more, follow Randox Careers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Randox Careers Happy Monday Work Motivation

Careers Tips | Simple Tips to Prepare for That Dreaded Presentation!

Have you been asked to make a presentation as part of a job interview? No need to worry!

The word “presentation” can strike fear and panic into anyone, but you can overcome a mild case of Glossophobia in just 6 simple steps!


1. Find Your Technique!

Everybody’s different. Therefore, no one’s preparation or presentation techniques are the exact same. There are plenty of ways for preparing for presentations. To determine your perfect technique, you need to identify your problems. Get some feedback from peers if you’re not sure! After this, you can use your problem-solving skills to try and find a solution. For example, if you find you panic when you forget words and sentences, learn a much “looser” version of your presentation. Learn your slides back to front, but leave the verbal message up to improv! This may be a much better technique to convey passion, if you know your topic well.

2. Communicate a clear message

One of the main reasons you are making this presentation is to communicate a particular subject or field. Make sure that you know what you’re talking about and focus on the topic at hand. It will make you come across more focused in the eyes of the interviewer.

3. Practice! 

Practice, practice, practice. When you are conducting a presentation that hasn’t been practiced, it’s obvious. Take some time to prepare your presentation beforehand so you have more time to practice. Practice in front of others, they’ll be able to give you feedback to improve your presentation in a way you’ve never thought of before! The more you practice, the more familiar you come with you presentation which will help you eliminate your nerves!

4. Do your research

There’s nothing worse than a candidate making a presentation who hasn’t done their research on the company. Have a look at the company website, read up about the products they sell and the events they take part in. This will impress the interviewers as it looks like you care about the company you’re applying for and that you want to be a part of the organisation.

5. Watch your timing

The last thing you want to do in your presentation is have your interviewers fall asleep. If you feel like you have too much information to get across in a short space of time, don’t worry – it’s better to keep it shorter and more interesting than bombard them with information. Less is more, so a helpful rule to follow when making a presentation is one slide per minute.

6. Deep breaths

Nerves before a presentation are completely normal. Arrive early, drink some water and take deep breaths to calm yourself down. Just remember that pressure can help you perform well!

Randox Careers Presentation Tips Image

Thanks for reading, and good luck!
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A day in the life of a Molecular Biologist

Molecular Biologist, Michael Mullan, was fascinated by science from a young age. For him, it was only natural to progress into a career as a scientist. Being able to use his skills of problem-solving to improve diagnostic technologies leads him to describe a career in science as fascinating, challenging and rewarding. Read what he has to say…

Can you describe a typical working day?

There’s no such thing! Each day varies so much and is usually split up between carrying out laboratory work, and analysing and interpreting data.  I work in the Molecular Diagnostics department in Randox Laboratories with a team of Molecular Biologists and Engineers, and we develop DNA-based diagnostic tests that can detect pathogens, genetic mutations and even calculate a patient’s risk of developing certain illnesses.

What has been your educational / career path to this post?

From a young age I was fascinated by science, so I chose to study Triple Award Science at GCSE level and Biology, Chemistry and ICT at A level.  Having enjoyed science at school I decided to study Molecular Biology at Queen’s University Belfast and then moved on to a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, because I wanted to use my aptitude for problem-solving to improve the diagnostic technologies which are so important in healthcare. I started on the Graduate Development Program here at Randox where I worked as a Technical Support Specialist before moving into my current position in the Molecular Diagnostics department.

What transferable skills have you used in your various roles that have come from your STEM training?

My time at university prepared me well for my current job as I often research papers and write reports, and have to follow good lab practice. Transferable skills such as these are the building blocks of any career, however those developed through scientific education are highly sought after by all employers, even those outside the science sector.  Good communication skills are essential, and my time in Technical Support helped me to develop my ability to communicate with customers and colleagues.  Organisational skills are also important to carry out experiments correctly and safely, and to record methods and results in an understandable and clear way.

How does your work as a Molecular Biologist make the world a better place?

Our Molecular Diagnostic tests provide highly specific test results for patients based on their genetic makeup and this opens the door for personalised medicine.  The work my team and I do improves the accuracy and speed of patient diagnosis; faster, more informative diagnosis can save lives.

What do you really like about your job?

My favourite thing about my job is that no two days are ever the same.  Working as part of a multidisciplinary team who work on a range of different projects takes me completely out of my comfort zone and challenges me to think outside the box.

Can you say anything about the future job prospects in your industry?

The Biotechnology industry is currently expanding at a phenomenal pace.  So much so that students in school today who decide to go down a scientific career path will be using technologies that haven’t even been invented yet.  That is such an exciting prospect.

How do you balance your career with your personal life?

My working day allows me to have plenty of free time to myself in the evenings and also at weekends.  Working in a laboratory environment can be challenging and extremely fast-paced at times so I like to go to the gym and run to let off steam.

Would you recommend Molecular Biology to young people planning their career?

Yes, 100%. If you are a young person with a thirst for knowledge, particularly in science, and want to spend your days doing something you love that really makes a difference, then a career in Molecular Biology is perfect for you.

For information about careers at Randox please visit

An ‘eggs-traordinary’ career at Randox Teoranta for the first of the #Dungloe2020

As Easter arrives, global biotech firm Randox, is celebrating the success of its first recruitment drive, as part of its planned expansion under the #Dungloe2020 programme.

In October 2014, the company laid out its vision for Randox Teoranta, a leading life science and engineering centre, which includes a major investment of €25m in the site. This significant investment will see employment figures at Randox Teoranta rise to 540 by 2020.

Recruitment began in earnest in the New Year and for the last few weeks, the first of the #Dungloe2020 life scientists, engineers and software specialists have been getting to grips with their new roles at the frontline of improving healthcare; pioneering research and building technology to make a real difference in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as Alzheimer’s and diseases of the kidneys and liver.

One of the new recruits, Dr Lisa Staunton, a PhD in Protein Biochemistry, has been with Randox for two months:

“I’m passionate about what Randox is doing and pleased that I am using my experience to bring scientific breakthroughs in health care directly to the patient. I’m originally from Ballyshannon and was working at the Conway Institute at UCD, but now I can be at the cutting edge of research at home!

“Randox has a progressive way of making the most of your skills, I’m learning new skills from the team and they are learning from me, it is about how we can best fit each other to achieve our goals and not a lot of big companies have that flexibility. It is brilliant being able to put in a good, productive day in at the laboratory and then go for a run on Rossnowlagh beach.”

23 year old Mechanical Design Engineer, Darren McGeever is also among the first of the #Dungloe2020. Darren graduated in 2014, with an Honours in Mechanical Engineering from Letterkenny Institute of Technology and was concerned that he might have to emigrate:

“I’m heavily involved in the local GAA and Soccer teams and was worried that I would be joining a long list of former players who have had to emigrate for jobs; so I applied as soon as I heard about #Dungloe2020. It is just fantastic I could get a job like this right on my doorstep.

“I learn something new every day, the technology being developed here is truly ground-breaking and it is great to be part of that, so early on in my career. As well as studying at Letterkenny I.T., I also studied at Galway I.T., back then I used to go home to a cold house – now when I finish work I go to a warm house and my mum’s dinners!”

Dr Peter FitzGerald, Randox MD said harnessing the skills of the community is the key to success of the #Dungloe2020 campaign:

“The interest we’ve had to date is wonderful – we are attracting high calibre life scientists, engineers and software developers from within Donegal, the rest of Ireland and abroad. I’d like to congratulate and indeed welcome the first of our #Dungloe2020 staff, who will each play an important role as we strive to improve health across the globe.”

Steve Ó Cualáin, CEO at Údarás na Gaeltachta, is supporting the #Dungloe2020 recruitment drive:

“Údarás na Gaeltachta, are very pleased with the success of the first wave of recruitment for #Dungloe2020. We would like to support Randox Teoranta in their continued recruitment drive over the Easter period and we wish the company continued success with the campaign. We are confident that Randox will achieve its ambitious recruitment targets.”

For more information on the #Dungloe2020 positions available please visit or email

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  • Signing up to our mailing list is quick and easy. We do not wish to send you any spam or junk email, therefore, you can expect to receive mailshots including new product launches and updates, market trends, attendance at key industry events and much more. Randox Laboratories promise never to sell your data and we will keep all your details, safe and secure. Read more in our Privacy Policy.
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