Randox selected to screen travellers to the UAE for Covid-19

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Randox selected to screen travellers to the UAE for Covid-19

02 September 2020

Randox selected to screen travellers to the UAE for Covid-19

Randox Laboratories selected to screen travellers to the UAE for Covid-19, with six sample collection centres across the United Kingdom and Ireland

Randox Laboratories has been selected by Pure Health, the largest laboratory network in the UAE, to test airline passengers flying into the United Arab Emirates, in accordance with the UAE’s requirement for travellers to prove they are not infected with Covid-19. Pure Health has been appointed by the UAE’s government to launch this pioneering project to promote safe travel.

“We are delighted to support Pure Health in their efforts to control the Covid-19 pandemic and facilitate safe travels for passengers flying into the UAE,” said David Adamson, Randox Laboratories, Business Development Manager.

“As one of the largest diagnostic facilities in UK, we are ideally placed to successfully deliver this ambitious initiative, and we are grateful for the trust placed in us.”

Randox Laboratories has already set up six collection centres across United Kingdom and Ireland. The programme is already up and running in London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Belfast, Antrim and Dublin.

“The UAE has trusted Pure Health with safeguarding it against any incoming Covid-19 threats, worldwide, this responsibility requires us to ensure we only partner with verified and accredited facilities around the world, thus why we have partnered with Randox Laboratories, to ensure that the screening process is of the highest quality and to ensure an excellent customer service for the travellers.” said Maria El Houari, International Passenger Screening Project Manager at Pure Health.

The UAE issued regulations that require all travellers flying into the UAE to provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test. Travellers without such a certificate are refused entry into the flight.

The system is similar to the ESTA process in the United States. The traveller visits screening.purehealth.ae, chooses a testing location, selects a time slot, and completes the test at the agreed time and place. Test results are then transmitted to the UAE authorities, who use the data to cross-check arriving travellers against the border control database.

    For further information please email randoxpr@randox.com

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    Dr Peter FitzGerald: “Nothing will ever be the same again.”

    Dr Peter FitzGerald: Nothing will ever be the same again.

    An Interview with Ulster Business Editor John Mulgrew in The Belfast Telegraph, in which Dr FitzGerald speaks to John about developing and helping roll out millions of tests for Covid-19, a forever changed society, the high likelihood of a similar pandemic returning and when a vaccine for the virus could be found.

    Dr Peter FitzGerald’s expertise and opinion has probably never been taken as seriously as it has in the last few months.

    “Nothing will be the same again,” he tells Ulster Business. And, of course, he’s right.

    His firm Randox – based in Antrim – has been on the front line of testing for Covid-19 right across the UK and beyond. And as a result, he’s hired hundreds of new staff and built a £30m testing lab to deal with additional deluge of work resulting from a global pandemic unlike anyone here has ever seen.

    “I think there is a reasonable chance there will be more pandemics, with globalisation and increased population,” he told Ulster Business. “I have no idea how much it will come back again in second wave.

    “We know we have the capacity as a company to respond, and respond well. I suspect the country is going to be better prepared… it’s hard to predict.”

    The medical testing giant’s first involvement with the current coronavirus strain began back in January, before it became an increasingly concerning dinner conversation in homes across Northern Ireland.

    “In late January, research called and were looking at doing a test,” Peter said. “We downloaded the genetic sequence of the virus and spent the next two weeks developing a test. We can do it very quickly, as we already had coronaviruses on chip.

    “It was sent to Public Health England, which took a while to prove it. We then got a contract to test for the NHS… we were doing what we thought was for the national good.”

    The initial deal didn’t include all of the UK, but Randox is now also testing Northern Ireland.

    “We do the testing and we have different analysers that do the testing as well, which we sell to labs across the world.”

    The virus has led to a new complete lab being built (in which Peter is pictured in) to deal with the additional testing. “We decided to accelerate the manufacturing in our Randox Science Park in Antrim,” he says.

    As a result, it has hired around 200 staff in the space of six to eight weeks to deal with the surge.

    “Because we had closely related strains of the virus, it was wasn’t so difficult to modify our tests to allow for slightly different variations… once we got the contract we soon realised that we didn’t have enough lab space to deal with the ramp up.

    “We then decided to be 33,000 sq ft of new lab space, and it was needed in three weeks. We got that done – work was 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. It’s now operating well. That has been very important in the process.”

    Randox had a workforce of around 1,450 worldwide before the coronavirus crisis began, but has since taken on around 280 additional staff for a range of roles, partly in ramping up demand for the additional testing.

    “A lot were being taken on a temporary basis but many will be permanent. We are not sure of the final numbers, but well over 100.” Those roles include scientists, manufacturers, and engineers.

    “Nothing will be the same again,” Peter says. “What it has done is heightened the importance of testing. People sometimes don’t know what we do here at Randox… but people now realise.

    “In the end, it’s a good thing. We are advocates of testing. It identities disease before symptoms occur and can save lives in many occasions. It saves lives and saves costs. It fits in with what we have been trying to do for years… as far as we are concerned, it’s the silver lining.

    “We have customers worldwide and other products kept going. We moved around 100 scientists into Covid-related things and then they have gone back to normal jobs as we bring in new people.

    “Some of our R&D projects have changed, new systems and new analysers allow for efficient and accurate testing.”

    Peter says that just a small element of the business has seen a decrease amid the crisis, while other areas around Covid-19 have grown. “Only a small element of core business decreased. But our Covid and other genetic products have increased… overall sales will be up and by end of year normal business up as well.”

    As a result of the latest expansion and growth across the business, generally speaking, Peter says the workforce looks set to climb to 1,650, with around 500-600 based at its main headquarters, just outside Antrim.

    Peter’s also keen to reiterate the importance of Northern Ireland and its people to Randox. “This is our home base. It’s where we do our primary R&D and manufacturing. We also have a facility in Donegal.”

    And, could all of this happen again soon, with a further outbreak or a similarly devastating strain or pandemic?

    “(We are) more prepared and our technology is getting more accepted through bio chips. Early detection is a very important next stage. You don’t want people who have a cough or fever to think they have Covid all the time. That is where testing comes in and that differentiates.”

    Peter says the next stop forward in a bid to address similar future incidents it also understanding how our immune systems work – better.
    “The other major step forward in many ways is understanding the immune system better. How to better respond to infection. This will be very important.

    “Some people are susceptible, and this could be genetic. (It’s about) working on certain genes in those who may have a bad attack. It will prepare humans better, the body’s defence, dealing with it as well.

    “I have a deficiency in a particular gene which means I’m more susceptible to respiratory (conditions) but the spin-off of the gene means I’m less susceptible to certain cancers. This is the issue – it is so complex. One could be a strength and one moment, a weakness.”

    And as for the formulation of a proven vaccine, Peter says: “I would say it would be well into next year.”

      For further information please email randoxpr@randox.com

      Photo Credit Elaine Hill

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      COVID-19 Testing Service Testimonial: The Irish Football Association

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      25 July 2020

      COVID-19 Testing Service Testimonial: The Irish Football Association

      As we move towards a new ‘normal’ and sporting organisations begin the process of restarting their games, many teams will be wondering how to ensure a safe and reassuring training environment for their players and their staff.

      Thanks to our COVID-19 testing service, The Irish Football Association was able to facilitate a timely and efficient return to play by confirming their players as ‘COVID-safe.’

      Our ‘Back to Business’ programme has enabled the IFA to demonstrate their commitment to their players, their staff, and their fans, as well as get back to business by ensuring the highest level of safety.

      Corinne Lannie, Risk Manager at the Irish Football Association, commented;

      “The test kits were very straightforward to use.  The instructions were clear as was the YouTube guidance video. The recording onto the Randox system was easy and the speed of results was exceptional.

      “The support provided by Paul (Randox Business Development Executive) was amazing – he was extremely helpful and supportive and really went above and beyond.”

      At Randox, we offer two types of testing;

      PCR (diagnostic) testing, and antibody testing, which can give an indication that an individual has been previously infected with COVID-19.

      Sample collection services are available.

      David Hallendorff, Business Relations Manager at Randox Health commented;

      “Collectively we are all working towards a timely return to a more normal society, which will see companies reopening and people returning to work.

      “To facilitate this recovery of the economy, without compromising the health of workers or of the wider general public, workplaces have a responsibility to provide a safe working environment.

      “It is great to see so many companies putting the health of their staff as a priority and taking a proactive approach to testing.

      To find out more about our Back to Business COVID-19 Testing Service, please email info@randoxhealth.com or phone 0800 2545 130



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      The Importance of Diagnostics

      What We Do       Our Team       Our History

      Healthcare Diagnostics: The Future of a Vital Industry

      Randox was established in 1982 to address the need for accurate and readily available diagnostic tests to improve patient diagnosis. Around 70% of all medical decisions are based on laboratory results, and so, not surprisingly, we believe that earlier, more accurate and more accessible diagnostics are the key to improving global health and saving lives.

      And yet, until now, in spite of their contribution to clinical decision making, and the important role they play in patient outcomes, diagnostic tests have only accounted for 2% of the UK’s national health budget.

      But things are changing. What was once a little-understood industry, working diligently behind-the-scenes, has quickly become an area of interest and relevance to just about everybody, given the key role the sector has played during the COVID-19 outbreak.

      Whilst regrettable that it has taken a pandemic to bring the health diagnostics sector into focus, it is a positive step forward for healthcare that the huge national and international scope of our sector is now rightly acknowledged.

      Click the links below to hear from a range of clinicians, pathologists and public officials on the importance of diagnostics, and from our customers on their experience of Randox testing technologies.

      • Key Opinion Leaders
      • Clinical Customers
      • COVID-19 Testing Service Customers
      • Case Studies
      • Randox in the media
      • Diagnostics in the media

      UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

      22 September 2020

      Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock

      21 September 2020

      Mayor of Antrim and Newtownabbey Alderman John Smyth

      26 June 2020

      Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock

      25 June 2020

      Minister for Innovation James Bethell

      25 June 2020

      Minister for Innovation James Bethell

      11 June 2020

      Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock

      23 April 2020

      UK Research and Innovation Chief Executive Prof Sir Mark Walport

      29 January 2019

      Minister of State for Northern Ireland John Penrose

      07 December 2018

      Chair Life Sciences Industrial Strategy Sir John Bell

      22 February 2018

      Quality Control Technologies Specialist Sten Westgard

      07 October 2016

      Tánaiste and Fine Gael Leader Leo Varadkar

      18 March 2015

      Adrian Cudmore NHS

      Dr Caje Moniz NHS

      Dr Rosa Sierra Amor

      Dr Bianca Thakkar

      Dr Anil Shah

      Dr Pragati Desai

      Dr Pramod Ingale

      Dr Rajeev Mehta

      Dr Simple Bhuptani

      Dr SM Patel

      Dr Trupti Patel

      Dr A Vahed Mulla

      Belfast International Airport MD Graham Keddie

      12 January 2021

      Liverpool Airport Commercial Director Lucy O’Shaughnessy

      23 December 2020

      Dublin Airport Managing Director Vincent Harrison

      16 November 2020

      Randox Health client travelling with TUI

      17 October 2020

      Randox Health client travelling from Glasgow

      08 September 2020

      Pure Health Passenger Screening Manager Maria El Houari

      02 September 2020

      Irish Football Association Risk Manager Corinne Lannie

      25 July 2020

      Liverpool Chamber of Commerce CEO Paul Cherpeau

      23 July 2020

      NSCB Medical College

      07 July 2020

      Norbrook Laboratories

      27 May 2020

      Royal Free Hospital London

      16 July 2017

      LUKMEF Cameroon

      03 October 2016

      Biomédica de Referencia

      18 March 2015

      Belfast Newsletter

      15 February 2021

      Daily Mirror/Belfast Live

      24 November 2020

      The Sunday Times

      01 March 2020

      Mail Online

      21 March 2019


      04 January 2019

      The Sun

      05 July 2012

      Mail Online

      09 August 2014

      The Telegraph

      12 August 2016

      The Daily Telegraph

      24 June 2020

      The Times

      22 January 2018

      The Irish Times

      23 December 2016

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      Matt Hancock and Lord Bethell support Randox in call for future focus on diagnostics

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      29 June 2020

      Matt Hancock and Lord Bethell support Randox in call for future focus on diagnostics

      Matt Hancock and Lord Bethell support Randox in call for future focus on diagnostics

      In a recent Opinion Piece in The Daily Telegraph, our Managing Director Dr Peter FitzGerald stressed the value of diagnostics, the important role it plays in public health, and the contribution it has made specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic.

      Whilst regrettable that it has taken a pandemic to bring the health diagnostics sector into focus, it is a positive step forward for healthcare that the huge national and international scope of our sector is now rightly acknowledged.

      Indeed, Dr FitzGerald’s commentary was acknowledged by both the Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock, and the Minister for Innovation, Jim Bethell.

      The Secretary of State noted that “Randox have played a vital role in building our global-scale diagnostics capacity.”

        It is clear that the diagnostics industry, inclusive of the work Randox has done in the field, has had a positive impact in the fight against COVID-19. We know that testing at scale is the most effective way to both save lives, and ensure a timely return to a more normal society.

        We are very proud of our staff, for their ongoing support, and for their commitment to the work that we do, which is making a real and positive difference.

        You can read Dr FitzGerald’s full Opinion Piece for The Daily Telegraph, on our own website, by clicking here.

        For further information please contact randoxpr@randox.com or phone 028 9442 2413

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        COVID-19 has shown UK leadership on diagnostics; we can now become a world leader

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        25 June 2020

        COVID-19 has shown UK leadership on diagnostics

        COVID-19 has shown UK leadership on diagnostics; we can now become a world leader

        An Opinion Piece by Dr Peter FitzGerald, Managing Director of Randox Laboratories, in The Daily Telegraph

        When I founded Randox Laboratories in 1982 in Antrim, Northern Ireland, I could not have envisaged that today we would be manufacturing more clinical diagnostic products than any other company in the UK. Whilst I am incredibly proud that Randox is taking a leading role in the national Covid-19 testing effort, it is deeply regrettable that it has taken this pandemic to bring the UK’s health diagnostics sector into focus.

        The pandemic represents the biggest diagnostics and health infrastructure challenge of modern times.  It has forced and necessitated a herculean collaborative effort from Government, the NHS and the private sector. This partnership has delivered a new trust and information sharing network which bodes well for the future.

        Ministers now know what we can do and rightly acknowledge the huge national and international scope of our sector and for global UK leadership and new skilled jobs.  The Government is right to highlight and reflect that too many of these critical sectors and supplies have been allowed to be offshored in recent years. This has consequently had implications for patient care and the support available for health workers.

        In March, the World Health Organisation’s Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said that he had a simple message to countries on how to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak that was sweeping the globe, this message was ‘Test, test, test.’ In the UK, mass testing was, at that time, simply not possible. Indeed, the Health Secretary, Matthew Hancock, acknowledged  that it was the lack of a significant domestic diagnostic industry that had impeded the Government’s initial efforts on testing, which is why we were behind Germany and other states.  He was right and much has already been done to re-shore capacity and re-set this policy alongside understanding the importance for future British sector leadership.

        Going forward, we can and must deliver a new and much tighter partnership between the NHS and private sector across diagnostics and preventative healthcare. Improved communication, co-operation and partnerships will grow British sector expertise, jobs and skills.  The potential for British leadership and success here is huge.

        Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of welcoming Northern Ireland Secretary, Brandon Lewis MP to see our new £30m specialist Covid-19 testing hub at the Randox Science Park in Northern Ireland.  This investment will create 200 new science, engineering and manufacturing jobs at the facility on top of our existing workforce. It was fast-tracked over the space of four weeks and is the first step in a wider diagnostics investment programme as part of Randox’s efforts to enhance our national Covid testing capacity.

        A wider appreciation of the value and resource support for diagnostics testing and preventative health policy is now overdue and timely especially when you consider that seventy per cent of all medical decisions are based on the results of lab tests.  This testing must now account for more than the two per cent of the national healthcare budget.   Alongside our major focus on R&D, our scientists work on pioneering research into a range of common illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease. With around twenty five percent of turnover reinvested in R&D, Randox has more new tests in development than any other diagnostic company.  Our products are used across hospitals and veterinary laboratories, food testing, forensic toxicology and life sciences.

        Randox labs have spent over £305 million researching the thousands of biomarkers present in our bodies and have identified the gold standard in testing. Our patented Biochip Array Technology has revolutionized the diagnostics industry by offering a unique testing platform which allows multiple tests to be carried out from a single patient sample. On Covid, we have been able to include two tests on the same biochip; one specific and one confirmatory as recommended by the World Health Organisation.

        The ambition and determination to build a world-beating British diagnostics sector is overdue and right.  It offers so many advantages ranging from a healthier and happier population which lives longer to more skilled jobs in a sector which works hand in glove with our world beating academia and NHS.  The pandemic has rightly brought the UK’s diagnostics capability into sharp focus, and it is paramount that when we move to a post-Covid world, we take what we have learned from this crisis and build a self-reliant sector fit for the future.

          For further information please email randoxpr@randox.com


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          FAQs for Media

          Frequently Asked Media Questions

          Randox have almost 40 years of experience as a primary manufacturer in the IVD (in vitro diagnostics) industry. Last year we manufactured over 3 billion tests and exported to 145 countries. Randox are an ISO 13485 accredited manufacturer of in-vitro diagnostic medical devices, are a provider of a global laboratory accreditation scheme (RIQAS) accredited to ISO 17043, and run a number of ISO 17025 accredited laboratories. As an exporter to 145 countries and a manufacturer to other diagnostic companies we undergo multiple external audits each year, in order to remain engaged with our global markets.

          At the time of the emergence of the COVID-19 threat, Randox had already developed seven CE marked assays for a range of viruses, including a number of other coronaviruses.

          Upon identifying the latest strain of coronavirus as a significant global threat, Randox was able to harness our R&D capability, and some 40 years’ in diagnostics, including viral tests, to develop an effective COVID-19 assay with the same rigorous validation processes that we applied to all our other assays.

          The Randox COVID-19 test underwent evaluation within, and was accepted by, Public Health England.

          In its evaluation of the Randox COVID-19 test, Public Health England’s report noted that the assay correctly identified all positive and negative samples without exception.


          As one of the UK’s major life sciences companies, providing diagnostic capabilities both within the UK and globally for almost 40 years, Randox has maintained regular contact with senior officials directly responsible for Life Sciences in the UK, particularly in the fields of diagnostic capability and innovation. We had developed our COVID-19 testing capability by mid-February 2020, and notified officials as such.

          Over a number of weeks, we worked collaboratively with government to determine how best we might be able to support the national testing programme.

          Our contribution to this programme, which was announced on 27th March, was the culmination of significant engagement, from the identification of the threat, until that date.

          The UK Government showed significant confidence in Randox’s capability and conducted full engagement and planning subject to PHE acceptance of the Randox test. When PHE acceptance was granted, the Randox part in the national plan had been prepared and was quickly initiated.

          Randox are providing high volume testing within our laboratories.

          It should be noted that Randox is only one partner within a multi-partner, national testing programme being run and coordinated by the Department of Health and Social Care.

          In order for the testing programme to work efficiently, all partners work to ensure effective processes at each stage of the testing journey – from testing kit distribution and sample collection to transportation and delivery, and finally, the testing of the sample.

          For our part, we are focused diligently on processing all tests in a timely manner after receipt of sample at our laboratory.

          It is our priority to ensure that we support the national effort to fight COVID-19, by testing at scale, as we know that this is the most effective way to save lives and promote a timely return to a more normal society.

          PHE managed the validation process for each of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

          We understand that the national plan for COVID-19 testing is exactly that, a national plan, inclusive of Northern Ireland. The planning for the national distribution of test kits is being managed by the various statutory agencies however Randox made the case that tests should be made available locally.

          Following that engagement, Randox tests were made directly available within Northern Ireland, and sent, for example, to the drive-through test centre at the SSE arena.

          Randox will continue to support Northern Ireland within the UK national plan.

          The Randox COVID-19 test is a molecular-based test which looks for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) within the body.  PCR (Polyamerase Chain Reaction) techniques are used to detect viral RNA (ribonucleic acid) contained inside the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

          The Randox COVID-19 assay conducts two tests – one specific and one confirmatory – as recommended by the World Health Organisation and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

          The majority of results are reported within 24 hours of receipt of sample at our laboratories.

          The Health Secretary, Matthew Hancock, acknowledged that it was the lack of a significant domestic diagnostic industry that had impeded the Government’s initial efforts on testing, which helps explain the variation between the UK and other countries.

          Read an Opinion Piece from our Managing Director, Dr Peter FitzGerald, on the Telegraph Online, by clicking here.

          In support of our role within the national testing programme we have invested £85m since March 2020 in the building and equipping of over 80,000 sq ft of molecular laboratory space and the development of new innovations in testing technology in our COVID-19 testing facilities at the Randox Science Park in Northern Ireland.

          We have hired more than 850 new staff, and are recruiting for an additional 400 across science, accessioning, customer support and manufacturing.

          Find out more here.


          On 9th April 2021, Randox processed its 12 millionth sample within the UK COVID-19 National Testing Programme, representing approximately 21% of all PCR tests executed in the UK.

          As we continue to ramp up our testing capabilities, and work alongside the government to offer this testing to an increasing list of individuals, we also recognize a demand for testing from the general public – for COVID-safe travel and business.

          The Randox COVID-19 test is available to purchase as part of our ‘Get Back to Business’ COVID-19 testing service, for staff screening.

          On 13th April 2021 Randox announced its support for British holidaymakers and the travel industry by reducing the cost of its PCR travel test to £60. In order to achieve the £60 price, purchasers will need to apply a discount code which can be obtained from airlines when booking travel. Major airlines including British Airways, Jet2, Easyjet and Ryanair have signed up to provide discount codes for their passengers.⠀

          Yes, Randox can conduct antibody testing.

          Find out more here.

          For COVID-19 press enquiries please email randox@newcenturymedia.co.uk

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          What We Do

          Contact Us

          What We Do: Cutting-Edge Healthcare Diagnostics


          About Randox

          You may already be familiar with Randox! Not only do we sponsor the world’s greatest race, the Randox Grand National, we also have a range of sporting partnerships including Team GB, Sheffield United Football Club, Olimpia Milano basketball team and more. Or perhaps you recognise the name as being one of the partners in the UK Government’s testing programme for COVID-19.

          Disruptive Innovation in Diagnostics and Healthcare

          Randox is dedicated to improving healthcare using innovative diagnostic technologies, for a range of health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and stroke.

          Whilst the science is complex, the applications are not. Diagnostic testing takes place every day behind the scenes of GP surgeries, laboratories and hospitals.

          Around 70% of all medical decisions are based on laboratory results, and so, not surprisingly, we believe that earlier, more accurate and more accessible diagnostics are the key to improving global health and saving lives.

          The Future of Healthcare

          We are significantly increasing our UK High Street presence, using the unique national coronavirus testing infrastructure and capacity we invested in during the pandemic to deliver a new range of preventative health checks. Expansion plans will see up to 20 new Randox Health clinics operating in the UK and Northern Ireland by the end of the year. The clinics will provide easy access for millions to a range of diagnostic tests for vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances, inherited/genetic conditions and key health concerns including heart, liver and kidney conditions.

          Key to the unique range of diagnostic testing available at our growing network of clinics is the testing technologies, facilities and comprehensive, nationwide distribution network rapidly developed by Randox Laboratories to play a key role in meeting the sudden national demand for Covid-19 PCR tests. At the height of the pandemic emergency, Randox were the only laboratory in the UK and Northern Ireland to process over 100,000 PCR tests per day, saving thousands of lives.

          Now, with millions of people having become accustomed to regular testing through the pandemic, Randox is combining that familiarity with its own unique Covid-19 experience and infrastructure to deliver real, affordable and preventative healthcare through early diagnostic testing on the High Street.

          “Randox believes that in harnessing the achievements of during the pandemic we can help the shift away from the traditional model of sickness management to a new era of truly preventative healthcare. This will benefit individuals and society by improving patient outcomes and considerably reducing the burden on our vital and hard-pressed clinical services” (Randox founder and Managing Director – Dr Peter FitzGerald).

          Frequently Asked Questions?

          • What is the vision of Randox?

            The Randox ethos of improving healthcare, which drove our Managing Director Dr Peter FitzGerald to start the company in the 1980s, continues today. Up to 25% of our turnover is reinvested in research and development to enable our scientists to work on the development of pioneering tests for a range of common illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

            We have also spent more than £220 million developing our patented Randox Biochip.  This state-of-the-art biochip technology has revolutionised the diagnostics industry because it allows multiple tests to be carried out from a single, undivided patient sample on a single testing platform.

          • When and why was Randox established?

            Our Managing Director Dr FitzGerald established Randox in 1982 in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, to address the need for accurate and readily available diagnostic tests to improve patient diagnosis.  At that time, doctors only conducted a handful of tests per patient, but now, more than 30 years later, Randox has developed and improved hundreds of tests, with hundreds more in development.

          • What products and service do Randox offer?

            Randox has a broad range of products and services that offer a comprehensive insight into patient diagnosis to facilitate more effective disease management and treatment.

            Our clinical product offering includes diagnostic reagents, quality control, and clinical chemistry analysers.

            Our patented Randox Biochip Technology and associated Immunoassay analysers also have applications for forensic toxicology, food diagnostics, and workplace drug testing.

            Our Randox Health clinics offer a range of health checks across general health, sexual health, respiratory health and more. 

          • Who and where are Randox customers?

            Randox’s focus has traditionally been on healthcare providers, so we have placed our products and services in hospitals, clinics, research and molecular laboratories, food testing, forensic toxicology, life sciences and veterinary laboratories.

            With the establishment of our consumer brand, Randox Health, we also offer our innovative tests directly to the consumer in our Randox Health clinics, currently located in London, Liverpool, Holywood and Crumlin.

            We have ambitious plans to roll out a number of new clinics across the United Kingdom and internationally, over the coming months and years.

          • What is the size of the company?

            Our company has grown from a small team of two scientists, to 1500 employees of 44 nationalities, including 430 research scientists and engineers.

          • Where are Randox headquartered and what is the geographical reach?

            Our headquarters are in Crumlin, in County Antrim, Northern Ireland – close to Belfast International Airport.  However, we are a global company and currently have offices and distribution outlets in 145 countries, with manufacturing and R&D capabilities in 4 jurisdictions across 3 continents.

            We are currently relocating our headquarters to the Randox Science Park in Antrim; a £161 million project which will accelerate the development of new products into a wide range of clinical needs, including various cancers, stroke, heart disease and neurodegenerative disorders.

            We are very proud of our global penetration – today, approximately 5% of the world’s population receives medical diagnoses using products from Randox.  That equates to about 370 million people.  We also supply 15% of the world’s cholesterol tests, so if you’ve ever had your cholesterol checked,  then there’s a high chance it could have been performed using a Randox product!

          • What are the biggest issues within the health sector?

            Our key observation across the globe is that within healthcare the pressure on resources means there is a focus on the “management of sickness,” rather than preventative care. 

            We know that a focus on early diagnosis and preventative care will improve patient outcomes and reduce the burden on healthcare systems.  Making that paradigm shift is a major challenge.  

            That’s why Randox Health was established – to allow the consumer direct access to our innovative technologies so that they can take control of their health and make appropriate lifestyle changes BEFORE disease manifests and symptoms occur.

          • What is Randox doing in the fight against COVID-19?

            To find out more about our test and testing services for COVID-19, visit our COVID-19 FAQ page by clicking here.

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          Our History

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          Our Accreditations

          Antibiotic testing in shrimp

          Seafood is one of the most important exports in India with its shrimp being a staple food in many countries worldwide. However, 2017 and 2018 saw 27 shipments of shrimp refused entry into the US by the FDA. This was followed closely in January 2019, when 26 lines were refused due to the presence of two banned antibiotics, nitrofurans and chloramphenicol.

          With Indian shrimp accounting for around one third of the countries seafood exports, India has expressed its concern over the rejections. It responded by calling the tests on the products ‘too stringent’.

          The global shrimp industry is estimated to be worth around $30 billion and India’s market share is estimated at 13% in value terms.

          Dr. Ramraj, President of the All Indian Shrimp Hatcheries Association has stated, “some of the metabolites in shrimp and crustacean shells are known to mimic antibiotics and therefore could give false results”.

          The use of antibiotics in shrimp farming in India is banned. Madhusudano Rao, Principal scientist at India’s Central Institute of Fisheries Technology has said, “All shrimp hatchery operators and shrimp farmers and advised to use only these antibiotic- free inputs during shrimp farming”.

          Randox Food Diagnostics offer the most comprehensive range of ELISA and Biochip tests currently on the market, specifically designed to identify and detect the smallest traces of the most prevalent antibiotics used in seafood, including nitrofurans and chloramphenicol.

          For more information please email us at: info@randoxfooddiagnostics.com or visit our website at www.randoxfooddiagnostics.com.











          Randox supports Health Secretary’s new 21st century focus on prevention

          For over 36 years, Randox has been developing cutting-edge diagnostic technologies to improve the quality, accuracy and timeliness of laboratory results, because we firmly believe that access to accurate and timely diagnostics is key to improving healthcare.

          As 70% of clinical decisions are based on laboratory output, our efforts are central to healthcare and improving patient outcomes. It will come as no surprise therefore that we support the announcement made by Health Secretary Matt Hancock this week about a new green paper, entitled “Prevention is better than cure,” that will argue for a shift towards preventative healthcare, to help people stay well.

          On Monday Mr Hancock argued that the “numbers don’t stack up” when it comes to spending on prevention as opposed to treatment, with £97bn of public money in the UK spent on treating disease and only £8bn preventing it.

          He added that “we need a new 21st century focus on prevention.”

          Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive Public Health England, echoed Mr Hancock’s sentiments by saying; “We need to move from a system that detects and treats illnesses to one that also predicts and prevents poor health through promoting health in all policies and puts people back in charge of their own health.”

          It’s a goal that we at Randox share with both Mr Hancock and Mr Selbie. With new and emerging diagnostic technologies, we can speed up diagnoses, improve patient outcomes, make every pound go further and give clinicians more time with their patients.

          Much earlier and much more effective diagnosis can simultaneously improve healthcare outcomes and reduce the burden on healthcare services.

          At Randox, we look forward to a time when sickness is actively prevented, rather than managed. By utilising innovative diagnostic products capable of diagnosing disease and ill-health at the earliest possible stage,  we can truly transform the life of the patient. 

          For further information please email randoxpr@randox.com




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          • Signing up to our mailing list is quick and easy. We do not wish to send you any spam or junk email, therefore, you can expect to receive mailshots including new product launches and updates, market trends, attendance at key industry events and much more. Randox Laboratories promise never to sell your data and we will keep all your details, safe and secure. Read more in our Privacy Policy.
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